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she's getting married


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well i got some news today that hurts a little and i dont know why .im dating this great girl and have been for a few months now . but i talked to a friend of my ex and she told me that she is gettig married to a great guy that in her words is loaded . i feel like it was a stab in my eye . we were together for two years and we were to get married too.i make good money and i think they are trying to get under my skin but i just wonder if being loaded or making good money is all the girl was after or if its a dig at me cause im dating a younger woman who has her head on a lot straighter than my ex who is some 7 years older than her . the thing is why does it bother me if she is getting married if i have someone else? is it cause we went from being so much in love and wanting to be together for the rest of our lives and breaking up to 5 months later her finding someone else to spend the rest of her life with ? or am i just a little scorned?

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I've often thought about what it is going to feel like when I hear my ex (who I still love) is getting married.


Sure it's a kick to the ego, but if you still care about the person (I think if we were ever TRULY in love with someone, we never stop caring about them) i could see how it could be a hard pill to swallow. It's sort of like "that's it" you know...there's no second chance at getting back with them. Even if you never had any intention of getting back with them, the finality of the whole thing is enough to take a step back and say "whoa."


Don't think for a second you weren't good enough for her, or didn't make enough money, or whatever. If you gave it your all, and tried your best to work things out and she still wanted out of the relationship, you can rest easily knowing you did your best and you can never ask yourself "what if."


Well, yes you can ask what if...we all do. But if you tried your best and there was still nothing you could do, then you can never ask "what if I would have tried harder" because if you tried your best and but the problem was with her, then there was nothing you or anyone else could have done to change things.


It sucks I know, but now you have the closure to finally forget about her completely, and concentrate 100% on your new relationship. After about a year, I'm sure your ex will be nothing but a distant memory for you.


Now if I'm only able to stick to my own advice here when it happens to me, I think I'll be all right!

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