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Braces and Oral Sex


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I dated a girl with braces once and, no, it's not out of the question, you just have to be very careful.


However there will be the occasional slip up which if you're boyfriend doesn't mind it, shouldn't be a problem.


On behalf of your boyfriend though, do use the utmost of care to try and keep those slip ups as few and far between as possible. They can be quite painful.

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I prewarned him that he might have to wait 20 months and he said that he was ok with that. Right now I am doing things to improve me. I decided to get my braces on now even though i'm already 23. It's the last year that insurance will cover it but at the same time I am going to start my credentials and masters and it's gonna take 20 months for school so I figured get my braces on the same time so that way I will be able to have great straight teeth for graduation.


I love him and he knows that Oral doesn't come with the package it's a bonus but does play a role in foreplay so I will try when I am ready.


I'm just scared and don't want to hurt him.

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