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Do you girls ever regret going on a date with someone?


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Like you think to yourself


"Ugh! I can't believe I went on a date with him. Thats a mistake I regret*


There has surely been dates that were dead-end right from the beginning (such as some internet blinddates).


But I have never regretted a date, beyond noticing that I would have been better of by viewing an episode of 'The Simpsons' or watching paint dry on the wall instead of the date.....

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Yes (if I did not go on that one date) all the exes I wasted all those years on that went so bad when something better may have came along cause at this time in my life it is getting harder to meet a great guy (where I live none of the many great men here who have helped me so much). Sound a bit bitter??


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Girl I met online ... first date ... no chemistry ... even though we did everything possible to anticipate it including everything from IM and phone calls to webcam chats! I spent the evening looking at a moosehead on the wall (her restaurant choice, not mine!!!). did I regret the date? Of course not ... we had to meet. But I regretted disappointing her for sure, and I was disappointed as well.

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