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Need to vent its her Birthday

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Past two nights I've had dreams about her! I hate starting my day off like that. I guess its cause I just came back to our college town (which she graduated last year) and her birthday. I snooped on myspace and it looks like her new boyfriend got her flowers and a teddy AWWWW HOW F'ING CUTE!


Shes like "thanks for the flowers and teddy bear I can't believe you did all that, i'm so lucky"


LOL i wanna be like what a joke, he called a number, told them to pick something out good and then gave them a credit card number. I bet he dose'nt even know that White daiseys are her favorite flower. If I was smart I'd have a crap load of those with roses sent to her address!


I won't though, when I woke up this morning I wanted to message her so bad and say something like "A special day for a Special person, hope you enjoy it"


Screw that though, she'll enjoy it alright with the guy who straight up took my place.


One last vent, I've lost around 35-40 pounds since she dumped me, and I'm feeling great, when I saw this new guy I decided that even if in a year I'm not interested in her I will have this guy topped on every single edge he has on me, and I'm working towards it. Jogging, losing wieght, quitting smoking, HAVING A REAL JOB AND A COLLEGE MAJOR UNDER MY BELT.


You see a good friend of ours is having a wedding next summer, and I know she'll still be with this guy so even if I'm with another girl I want it to run through my ex'es head "damn look at gregg, he's in such better shape, driving a BMW, and he's got a job lined up." Then she'll look at her boyfriend and say "wow he's 26, sophmore in college, and I'm about to graduate grad-school"


Sorry this are the thoughts that put me to sleep at night! lol I'm just so mad right now!@$@#$

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Funny its my ex's birthday today. Having a hard day with it too. It sucks as I am remembering all the good times. Even though I am trying not to. Anyway it sounds like you are taking care of yourself, losing weight, graduating. Next summer is a long way away and who know's who will be dating who. Keep taking care of yourself and moving forward with college, as the best revenge is success.

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Yes! These kind of days are hard... anniversaries, birthdays... just have to cope with them the best way we can. Remembering good things is something I figure out will always happen. After 4 months NC I still remember her with any silly detail of my life... what food she liked and what she didn't... how she used to take care of me and do things I liked, how well she knew them and how difficult it will be for any other girl to reach that point I had reached with her... However we just have to assume it's over and we must begin again to reach that point the earlier possible! Take it easy... tomorrow will be another day!

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Didn't I tell you not to look at her myspace and nothing good would come of it? Stop looking!


If I was smart I'd have a crap load of those with roses sent to her address!


Wrong. If your smart you'll do what you said you were actually going to do...nothing at all.


Good work not contacting her...her bday was a tough day, a challenging one...think of it like you passed a test.

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Sorry to break the news to you, sadman, but in my experience, after my ex started seeing someone else, and was all about them, she completely lost interest in me. Heh...your story sounds like mine. I've got a nice car, a good job, my own place. And you know what? She doesn't care. She's head over heels for the new guy and could give a s*** about me.


It sucks to know you are doing well, and just when you think the ex is finally going to wake up and realize what a mistake she's made, only to find she doesn't even care...well, what a slap in the face that is.


Hopefully your situation will be different, but don't get your hopes up. If you start living well just to show her how much better you're doing without her, it's only going to hurt that much more when you realize she doesn't even care.


My ex's birthday is today, too. It's been fairly painful the entire day not even sending her a text or calling her. But why should I? She doesn't deserve anything from me.


She's a little angry that I won't stay friends with her, but the way I see it, too bad. If I'm not good enough to be her bf, then she's not good enough to be my friend. Pure and simple that's the way I have to look at it.

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C'mon now you're crushing my dream, jk/okay not really.


How long did yall date, and how long have yall been in NC or broken up


Actually, we've been good friends for about 6 years...and I'd been in love with her since I met her. About a year ago, I thought I finally had her...my dreams had come true. We were only together for about 3 months, but I fell and fell hard. She decided she wasn't ready for a relationship and ended up going out with someone else..a week after telling me she didn't want a relationship with me--or anyone-- anymore. That's when I started up NC for about a month. She kept calling me and eventually I broke down and tried to be friends with her, as she broke up with her three-week relationship.


She told me she still loved me, wanted to be with me, etc. She dragged me through the dirt for a few more months while I waited for her to come around. Well, when she started seeing a new guy, that's when I finally gave up. She couldn't understand why I didn't want to stay friends, and she's pissed about it, but the idea of her being with someone else kills me. I can't deal with it.

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Hang in there Sadman.......I've been following your story.


Just stay the course of improving yourself and taking the steps to heal yourself from this ordeal. But make sure you are doing this for yourself and only you, not to rub it in her face. Yes, use that fuel to motivate you and light that fire but as another poster said, when your hoping she's wow'd by you and shes not, its going to sting and you will be wrong in your assumptions. Don't expect anything from her. Is it better to be surprised than to be let down?


Things will turn around for you when you start to see the world with clear eyes. Until then all your improvements will be in the shadow of the thoughts about your ex. I came crashing down 2 months ago out of a 7 year relationship(I went NC a week after her myspace status change....F'ing coward).....Within a few weeks she was seeing someone else. I live 4 mins away from her and work within 100 yards of her. I've seen her once and that was by her doing walking past my store. Ive made it my duty to avoid her at all cost b/c shes not worth a nickel to me at this point and my well being is worth all that I have. My birthday is on friday and I pray she does not try and contact me in anyway. Regardless I will not be responding to it if she does. Checking myspace only cripples your state of healing. Avoid it!! You are doing all this stuff for yourself well do the ultimate thing and stand up for yourself by not letting her life control you.


Hang in there

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