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Cramps...Oww :/

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I'm hurting a lot today because of cramps. Yes, female cramps. lol I can barely move at all. I had 1 ibuprofen but now I'm out and don't have anyone who can go to the store for me. I only have aspirin, which hasn't helped at all in the past...is it supposed to help at all?


I also have a relaxing hot water bottle that is helping a bit but not much.


I have this problem every month. Any tips to reduce this pain? Even when I do have plenty of ibuprofen, it doesn't go away enough for me to leave to house.


I also have a cold on top of this. ](*,)

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Are you on birth control pills? I noticed that they helped alot with my cramps and kept me more regular.


No, since I'm not sexually active. I guess I should consider it though.


It might be difficult since I still live with my parents...my mom is very against me potentially going on birth control because she thinks teenage girls only want them so they can go have sex.


High dosages of calcium supplements supposedly work, like 600mg a few days before and/or during.


I actually have some of those but didn't know they could help. Thanks.


I have the same problem.. i used feminax, and co-codmal, but co-codmal is prescribed.. go to ur doctor, and see if they can help..


they havnt helped me as yet, but thats my doc's..


hope ur ok soon!




Thank you. *hugs* I probably do need to see a doctor even though I am scared to death of them.

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I bring you enlightenment in two words: mefenamic acid.


I used to have pain so bad I had to lie curled up on the floor in semi-consciousness for half an hour until the uterus stopped contracting - I would vomit and my hands and feet would go numb. Nice.


The answer to my prayers was mefenamic acid (used to have the brand name ponstan) it's a powerful prescription strength painkiller and anti-inflammatory, and routinely prescribed for severe period pain.


I had a laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis - if you have really severe pain or heavy bleeding you might see your doctor about this. But for routine to bad cramps, mefenamic acid is where it's at. Aspirin just doesn't cut it.

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Re: the birth control pills... if your doctor thought it was necessary and your mother had an issue with it, at the end of the day, your health comes first! Sometimes if you're feeling very stressed it can make it worse, also diet... more fibre and stuff can help. A bath is something else I'd recommend.

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I get horrendous menstrual cramps for the first 24-36 hours of my period if I don't dose ibuprofen (also known as Advil, Motrin etc) 400 mg - 600 mg every 4-6 hours around the clock. If I do that, I don't feel anything. If you take ibuprofen, take it with at least 8 oz of water or milk AND with food, as it can be rough on your stomach.

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lemme tell you. trash the ibprofin. im a firm believer that you develop tolerance to that stuff. i didnt REALLY start getting cramps until i started college. i am now 24 and lived through 6 hellish years of dosing with ibprofin. for awhile it worked. but this past year i realized that i was still writhing in pain. so... along came ALEVE. MIRACLE WORKER. get some aleve girl. i take one and i'll have some cramping for about 2 hours and then its gone for for the next 8-12 hours.... in which case you just take another. seriously. i have not found anything better. i used to get cramps so bad that i'd leave from work in the middle of the day hunched over and bawling, and aleve changed all that.


also, heating pad is a definite, for me. so in between the time it takes the aleve to kick in, put that heating pad on. and just lay down and relax. ginger tea is also very helpful.


as for prevention. i noticed one monthly time in which i had no cramps whatsoever, and guess what the difference was? about the week before my period started i was drinking like BUCKETS of water. (because i had a cold)..... so i know water plays a serious role. you can consider it for next time.

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