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Rules of attractions - for all to join in


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Girls and guys


What do you find attracts you to someone, in the first instance but then later on once you get to know them?


For me a guy to have


Great sense of humour and able to make me laugh

Has a real zest for life and living

And likes to do "stuff" like go to new places, try new things in life

Dress sense

Is not a slob


Makes them very attractive

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similar values to me;

likes to do things that I have an interest in doing;

at least average looks;




Based on my past history, there is a tendency to date fair women (I mean like with freckles or paler (I say yes to redheads), but I have dated women with olive skin), a tendency to date taller women (but I've dated from 5'2" through at least 6'), and a tendency to date educated professional women (but I have dated women who only went to high school). But there are not rules.

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For me it would probably be a guy who was really down to earth, kinda, not egotistical, funny, weird at times in a joking way, caught my attention in a subtle way, remembered little details of stuff I've said, complimented me sincerely on something I have done that was great.


Oh yeah and having nice eyes and hair does help

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- smart

- pretty hair (either very (nearly white) blonde) or very dark brown/black hair and pretty eyes

- interested to try new things

- outgoing

- looks after me

- healthy

- be shorter than I like them to be around 175cm

- piercings (not just ears -_- )

- willing to fall in love


Now there's your perfect lady ♥

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for immediate attraction I'm always turned on by the "weird" girls...the ones that don't fit the society norm for what is an "acceptable" look. the ones with tattoos, piercings, funky hair, wearing the clothes that you'd get kicked out of church for...the rock star girls and the "freaks"


I'm also turned on by "hippie" type girls...the tree hugging types...the peaceful ones...girls with dreadlocks are hot...


the thing is...that I'm this totally strait laced, suit and tie, conservative looking type guy that has this inner demon...and I am drawn to those girls like a moth to a flame...


its a fact...opposites attract.


beyond the innitial attraction however...


I need a girl:

who can mentally keep up with me...

that can dance like she is giving lessons on how to be awesome...

who has an imagination bigger than the sky...

who laughs about the dumbest things...

who bites her lower lip...

that will have a couple drinks and get loud...

who isn't afraid of anything...

that settles arguments by getting it all out at once instead of holding it over me for years...

that loves halloween & christmas...

that can defend herself in an argument about her beliefs...

that loves morning sex...

that loves animals...

who can be herself, by herself and be totally happy...

that has great taste in music...

that is helplessly addicted to something like cookies, or skittles, or something stupid like that...

thats passionate about life, and living it...


and I think that about sums it up...prolly some stuff I left off of there...but if you find this girl then please lemme know so I can go buy a ring..

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Fun thread.


What I want:


1. Intelligence, including wit, expressiveness, education and cultural sense.

2. Emotional health, including self-esteem, giving nature and independence.

3. Integrity, including honesty, ethics, drive and spirituality.

4. Physical health, including appearance, diet and exercise.


What I end up with:


1. Intelligence, including wit, expressiveness, education, but usually little culture.

2. Emotionally unhealthy, including low self-esteem, self-centered, dependent and materialistic.

3. Lack of integrity, including dishonest, manipulative, rationalizing, and self-serving religious beliefs.

4. Bombshell looks but not particularly healthy.


The difference between what I want and what I typically end up with is the reason I'm still here on ENA trying to learn after recovering from the last breakup. Currently believe that men have almost no control over who they end up with as women do the choosing, trying to overcome this arguably bad attitude.

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I need someone smart... (I dont care if they are qualified or not, a degree has little to no bearing on how smart someone actually is) I need someone who can enter a fast-paced, playfull chat with me and figure out the train of thought when I say something seemingly dislocated from the thread of conversation.


Someone who loves personal jokes and has a compatible sense of humour.


Someone who is kind... who doesnt kick those who are down... who I really admire in terms of their humanity.


Someone with culture... that doesnt mean an art student, but someone who doesnt think that a fun way to spend a weekend is drinking over their car. Someone who will try new things, even if they seem REALLY strange. Someone who knows what I am talking about when I talk about things that I deem commonplace but most people seem to think of as obscure.


Someone who is willing to admit how much they care for me... I do NOT like people who downplay their relationships for fear of looking uncool.

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is she smiling? enjoying herself? Does she look open to conversation?... If i get a positive vibe ill approach her and see what shes got. What is a v.big turn off (for me) are girls who have the stuck up look who seem to have this (game) going on. I do talk to those, but i often make fun of them if they have an attitude.

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