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Universe throwing signs at me!

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Ok so i broke up with this paticular ex over 2 years ago maybe even 3.


He was 7 years older than me and i was young and stupid and threw the realtionship away to chase an ex. i really broke this guys heart so so so badley..... we have hooked up a few time sover the years last time being a year ago where he cheated in his what i asume to still be current GF. (i didnt know till after)



anyway i have never really given it much thought until recently when he keeps popping up in werid ways!


a few months back i saw him walking in the street

my dad who never gives opinions on bf's said he was the one who he would havent given his blessing for

My friends have started saying he was the best for me

i found a random video tape, played it and it was of us.

suddenly outside my flat my brother see's my ex's brother.. we live in separate towns

a week later i see his brothers long term gf outside my flat

for years i have been looking for him on facebook, he is never computer literate and suddenly today i do a random search and there he is!


so i thought what the hell and sent him a hello stranger message, short and sweet!...............


maybe its cos im going through heartbreak but come on thats freaky!



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