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I feel numb. I feel fine.


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Hi, all.....


Just wanted to say that I've been on strict NC with the ex girlfriend for 16 days now. (You can get the details by looking up my past posts) I feel strangely numb and fine. It kind of bothers me. I want to miss her more. I want to miss her more because I want HER to miss me, and by acknowledging that I'm doing better I feel that I am also proving that she is feeling better. It's a conflicting feeling. I want her to be fine, but at the same time I want her to miss me. Weird, Huh?


But, I also have been busy with my life and would not be able to make time for her right now, even if I wanted to. I think this is what getting over someone is supposed to feel like. In my last relationship I was devastated, and it took months to recover (and I had more friends and free time then)


Well, all I have to say is that it's empowering, it's healthy, and it's also a bit sad. I think I'm still going to go through with my plans (see posts)


What'cha'll think?

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Hey alec!


You are doing just great - and well done you!


There are all sorts of confusing messages your brain brings to the surface in these turbulant times, but you have your surf board and are learning the waves real good.


By getting to the point where you wish your ex no harm - you start to prove to yourself that they have lost their status as that special person in your life.


Yes, it is a bit sad, but as you say - very empowering - quite a good feeling really. Keep yourself busy and get on with your plans.



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Ever seen the movie 'Swingers' alec?


There is a line from it that I have always been able to identify with. It basically says that after a while, when you start to heal from a break-up and start to feel better....you stop missing your ex, and start missing the pain - because you've lived with it for so long.


It might be relevant to you, I'm not certain....either way, buy Swingers and watch it

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Milesaway, be strong, what doesn't kill you only make you stronger (old phrase, I know!).


Not sure if you are into playing PC games, but if anybody is into some light gaming and want to have half an hour / an hour to keep your mind off things for a while, relax and get sucked in to different sort of feelings. I recommend playing Dreamfall -The Longest Journey (Google it if you don't know where to find it).

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