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Advice on my current situation; Love


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Hi everyone, I'm new here. I found this site off of Google, and I feel kind of weird coming here for advice, but i feel i really need someone, or ones, to talk about this to.


I met this girl 4 years ago freshmen year of high school and i have been in love with her ever since. Throughout the years we haven't had the best friendship, we remained good friends at times, but other times we would kind of not talk for a while. Our friendship would always renew though, and right now it is stronger than ever. I feel we are best friends.


I really want to tell her that i like her. I told her once a couple years ago, but she was already with someone. She apparently already knows now just by being able to tell, and her best friend (also another one of my best friends. We all hang out often) noticed as well and said something to her. Since she realized i liked her, we have hung out more often in the last few months. I have been told by most of the people we know that they've never seen her act the way she does when I am around, and a few have said we were meant for each other. She currently has a boyfriend, but its not really a good relationship and many don't see it last too much longer. Her friend has also told me that I am her escape from her boyfriend, and her parents have told her that she should get rid of her current BF and go out with me.


I know that has nothing to do with it, but I thought I'd throw that in there just to add facts. She is very distant towards guys because she is in no way slutty or anything even close. I've also been told that If i plan on telling her I should probably do it over an instant message and not in person. Knowing her, that kind of makes sense, even though i feel it would kind of take the feeling out of it. Its hard to explain though how she is.


The worst part about it is, she is leaving in a couple of days for college. The good thing is, she is going to school less than 20 minutes from here. I also may be going to the same school in a semester.

It seems with her boyfriend, and that she's leaving soon, It's bad timing to tell her.


Should I tell her now? Or wait a little? I don't mind waiting a little, i have waited 4 years, but I can't hold it in forever.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You

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Thank you Lady D.

She's very nice and she has always treated me very well. When we are around each other it's just a huge laughfest between the 2 of us.


We had always hung out, but it was never like us calling each other to hang out we would just see each other out with all of our friends. Up until this year when we became close we started calling and texting and such to make plans. It use to be randomly and now its grown to basically we almost hang out (not alone) everyday or so.


I've always felt such a strong connection between us, but i don't know if she feels the same. She told me she use to like me and was obsessed with me in freshmen year, but that was 4 years ago..

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