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Love has never hurt like this...


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Heres a quick little short story of my summer.. I worked at a summer camp for kids with behavioral disorders and met the most amazing girl ever.... we met after about a couple days of being there, and connected almost instantly.... after a couple weeks I realized that I really liked this girl, and after a month I knew I was in love with her..... some would say (and I would of agreed) that it seems awfully quick to fall in love with someone, but at this camp, it was like a whole new world..... and we spent ALOT of time together telling each other our deepest secrets and really connecting...


Well, we both finally told each other that we were well... crazy about each other... and I have never been happier in my life... everything was amazing, my life has never been this good ever.... she is everything I ever wanted in a girl... however, as these things go, the camp was ending... and we live a good distance away... and are kind of in diffrent places in our lives..... I'm still an undergraduate... and she is done with school... and looking into the real world or law school.....


anyways, I delayed my flight for a couple days so we could stay together for longer, and it was completely amazing..... I ended up driving to her state with her (10 hours) and even though we were exhausted and tired, we still had fun.... anyways, today was the flight home, and I just keep replaying that last hour with her in my head over and over again, and I cant stop crying.... than I think back to all the time we spent together and the tears just keep coming... I read all the notes she wrote me and its even worse....


I'm a complete wreck without her.. my parents want to talk to me and about my summer but I'm completely lifeless... my friends want to go out and have fun before school starts but I just dont see the point.... I should be happy I met such an amazing girl and we are sitll together and she is planning on visiting me and school in a couple weeks... but I just miss her so much I cant handle it

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I expect that you should be feeling this way because you are still in shock and you are young and it looks as though this has been your first experience meeting a person who makes you feel as you do. I can assure you that it wont be the last, but what you need to do is find a way to cope. You are going to go through many stages but eventually you will come to the realization that your time with her was a memorable experience and it is something that you will never forget.

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Its perfectly okay that you are feeling sad right now. An amazing summer has come to and end, and its depressing. Not to worry though, once school starts you will start keeping yourself busy and it will take your mind off time. It is great that you met such a great girl and that you two are still together. From here you can make plans on visiting each other. If the year plays out well the two of you can make plans to move closer to each other. I know its really hard and long distance relationships can be difficult but if you really love each other I know you can make it work out.


Something that might help you take your mind off things until then is to think of something really sweet you can send your girlfriend. When I was in a long distance relationship i made my bf a collage. My bf made me a handcrafted picture frame.. it was really nice. I'm sure it took a lot of time. If you are not a crafty sort of person maybe you can go shopping and make a box of little things to send her.

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It's completely understandable that you're reacting this way. It's tough to go back to life without your SO in any long distance relationship, but coming from a camp situation is even harder. You're used to spending your whole day, everyday with someone. To go from that to nothing is so hard.


How many years do you have left in undergrad? How far away are you guys? You can definitely make this work as long as you both put in the effort. I know it hurts like crazy now, but as the days go by it'll hurt a little less until it's somewhat bearable. I think it's great that you've already made a plan to see each other again. It sounds like you guys are on the right track

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ya, things are getting easier now... she is actually flying up to see me this friday which is an unexpected surprise.... it is getting easier, even though its only been one night... last night WAS hard.. I was just so used to being with her, it sucked to know she wasnt going to be there anymore ;;


but ya, she tells me that she wants to give me space to finish up college and she doesnt want to be that "crazy gf" that is always around.... but the problem is, i WANT her to be around!! and i tell her that..... anyone ever have this problem?

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haha I don't THINK i'm gonna go crazy and ruin it.... I dont want to play games, but obviously I'm not going to throw myself at her..... this is honestly the first time I've ever felt like this towards anyone in my entire life..... and I've been with my fair share amount of girls....


It seems we are both crazy about each other right now, so as long as we are on the same page I think it works out that we both are making alot of sacrafices to be with each other.... obviously I know we wont be able to do it all the time... but I'll take what I can get until I finish school, than who knows?!

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i see your point there. i'm kinda in the same situation as you.

i had to go to work on a different place and my girl is also working on her own path. i know that this is the best choice for me right now, since it's also for our future. and yes, i do miss her. like, i call her every single day.

i visited her last week and we're getting along better than ever. it's more like she's happy now (well, she wasn't really back then). and i'm glad that she is, but we do miss each other. and yes, we're both crazy for each other even though we've been together for almost three years.

just chill man, time will pass bye fast that you won't be able to notice it. and the next time you knew, she's there at your school.

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