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Update on my baby


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Hey guys!


I just need to vent since I don't know what to expect. I had passed the IPS test and my doctor has called today telling me that my baby had a higher chance than average for a certain disease. The disease has something to do with the spinal cord and starts with pino something something... I am really bad at the medical terms. Normally I would have written it down but the shock kind of took over me.


My doctor is sending me to genetic counselling @ the downtown hospital this thursday. The girl that answered my call at the downtown hospital couldn't tell me much. Has anyone ever been through a similar process?

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It's the CHEO hospital in Ottawa, hopefully that one isn't too bad either.

I am taking my folic acid but I wasn't in the start since I didn't know I was pregnant.

It isn't 100% certain, but it's such a serious disease that I really want to make an informed decision. I'm not too sure what this is all about.

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Yeah of course. I guess us parents just always make the worst out of every situation. I'm pretty sure no one would be thrilled at this news anyways.

I made myself a good supper atleast and trying to relax. Not doing any type of work tonight.

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I just wanted to say that two of my nieces came up as having mental retardations on one of the tests...and they are 100% perfectly healthy. One of them is at the top of her class.


I know that that is an entirely different situation and different test, but don't cross that bridge until you get there.


I know that's easier said than done though. I hope the best for you and keep us updated.


This must be really stressful.

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Awww. I am sorry you are going through the stress and worry. Relax. There is nothing you have done wrong, and there is nothing you can do to change things at this point. Talk to the doctors and see what they have to say.


My sister has spina bifida - though she is an amazing and rare case (in a good way). Things will be ok.

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Hey guys!


Well right now it seems that I have mild chances of spina bifida, I have ranked 2.5 on the AFP hormone... meaning my hormone level is 2.5 times higher than the regular pregnancy. The cut-off is 2.2 so it's not like I have a case of 7 or 8.


I am going to have a detailed ultrasound in 1-2 weeks which should be 95% accurate on whether the child has the disease or not. Right now, my chances are 1/160 of spina bifida, and if the ultrasound doesn't find anything my chances are ridicoulous something like 0.03%. I guess that's on top of the regular 3% of deformation for all pregnancies.

I didn't opt for a CVS at the moment since it's instrusive and has 1/250 chances of miscarriage.

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I'm glad things are looking up for you Mousty.


Hope you will keep us updated.


I would not have done the CVS either- in addition to miscarriage there is a risk of limb amputation and other problems.


Hopefully your baby will be just fine.


Let us know!

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