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Long ago ex hates me...why?

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I have been broken up with a certain ex for about 3 years now. A year after the break-up I acted very badly. I was hurt and made him believe I was his friend and in the end he knew I was just trying to get with him. He found a new girlfriend and I stopped all contact. 9 months later I sent him a text. I really thought maybe we could be acquaintances, not necessarily friends but at least be on good terms, I also had a boyfriend at this time and found out he was moving in with his girlfriend. He then started on sex (we had sex for a year after we broke-up, in fact he cheated on his now girlfriend with me during the first 3 months of that relationship) he would text me and send me pictures and bring up pictures he had taken of us when we were together.


I told him I did not want this type of thing and if he ever wanted to be just friends to contact me.


A month ago he drove past me and almost wrecked his neck trying to see me, another time he followed my friend in her car a day later trying to see who was in the car. I was not. And quickly drove off when he saw this.


Yesterday my friend and I were discussing the past and brought up certain events. One of these events was the ex's birthday, but we couldn't agree on the date. I text him, asking for the date because my friend and I were having a discussion and wanted to see who was right. He told me my story doesn't make sense that I was a crack head and that I should *** off.


This bothers me not because he's an ex but more that a human being out there can hate me so much after 3 years. I didn't act very well 2 years ago but I was heartbroken and did whatever I thought I could to win him back (maybe that's an excuse). I don't understand why he is still so bitter. I have made it VERY clear that I have no interest in him that way. I guess some just forgive past events more so then others.


What do you guys think.

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I have an ex that I dated for 4 years and we broke up now over 3 years ago. She is engaged and has a child. I am single and living in the city. She broke up with me/treated me badly but I have no ill feelings towards her. It was a long time ago and I've moved on...and realize a lot of good came out our relationship and our breakup.


To this day she hates me and I'm not exactly sure why. She goes out of her way to put me down in front of mutual friends. I've run into her a few times and she won't respond to a simple "hi." It is what it is. Ironically, her bf and I get along fine.


Anyways...from what I can tell and from what mutual friends say..she simply isn't completely over me, and she often hears about what I'm doing in my life which makes her a bit jealous. I don't hope for that, but feel it's true.


Perhaps your ex isn't really over the whole situation....or so it seems to me.

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I think I didn't make sense the way I wanted to. For him to take my comment as Shady is up to him. I explained the reason why I wanted to know and he could have told me to piss off way before he asked 3 more questions then told me to f off once I had stated I was just looking for the date.


I am more then happy that he is with his girlfriend and what he thinks about me doesn't matter. It just hurts to know someone in this world out there hates me. It wouldn't matter if it was an ex or a friend or a famliy member.

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I think you should move on and next time you're having a discussion dont focus so hard on whose right or wrong and end up texting the ex. I would probably think the same weird things had an ex of mine who acted shady towards me in the past sent me such a random text message over something so crazy.



This confuses me. If you were in on again off again contact with an ex for over 2 years and they had asked you this question and described why they wanted to know you would think it was crazy? Random yes but crazy?

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A wise friend of mine told me that "there comes a time in your life when you don't need to be in contact with certain people in your past. They don't bring anything to your present and they will have no part in your future". She was referring to her decision to drop contact with her ex.


I think you should do the same. It doesn't matter what you feel or the fact that "someone can hate you so", this friendship is long over. The faster you move on, the faster he will too.

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Hi -


I think it really depends. There is so much that goes into a relationship and what makes a relationship good and what makes a relationship bad. Also, how hard you fell for the person will determine the end result as well.


I have some ex's who don't want to speak with me. They won't acknowledge me when they see me.


I have an ex who I don't have an interest in, but I refuse to say 'hi' to her if I see her. I can care less about her and her life.


In general, people do hold onto resentments. I'm not saying it's right, but, people don't forget moments of there life when they were hurt. I underlined 'they' as that is the focus, irrespective of you getting hurt in the process as well. I'll let go of resentment and hurts after time, but if someone really crosses me or used me, then I don't forget that.

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I totally understand that. The problem is HE used me, I never really did anything to hurt him. I was what he wanted when he wanted it. He wanted me to go away I did, to stay and give him attention I did. Well then again maybe that's the problem. I finally just walked away from the whole above situation and maybe that brusied his ego.

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I finally just walked away from the whole above situation and maybe that brusied his ego.


That might be it. Our egos are very, very fragile. Men...


Anyway, I would recommend dropping it. You can't control him or his reactions, and you might never understand the why behind it. Focus on the greener pastures in your horizon.

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