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so, im kinda young, 17, and just last night my boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me. he claims ive lied to him and that he cant love a liar and he wont talk to me unless i admit to things that i havent even done. so im just really confused and i still love him a lot and this all just took me by surprise.


this is my second time ever being dumped but the first time wasnt this hard AT ALL. i cant sleep or eat and i couldnt even get up this morning to go to volleyball practice and volleyball is something i love and enjoy. so i was just wondering if and of you guys have methods of coping with breakups. i know, since im a teenager it might not seem like it couldve been too serious but he was really important to me and hes the one thing i could always rely on to make me happy.




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Im sorry the relationship didnt work out. But a good method to deal with this is NC (No Contact) its mentioned alot here because it works alot and always helps people to move on. Dont try contact him because all you will do is bring up emotions and memories which wont help the healing process. Delete his number, block his email etc. It will seem hard for the first few months but dont break NC, carry on and over time it will be easy and you will be over him.

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If you didn't do something then you don't have to own up to it...tell him that flat out and walk away. be the bigger person here.


if he is making up false accusations against you, then he doesn't care enough for you to actually find out the truth. and if he doesn't care enough for you to do that then he isn't worth your time.


many people say the no contact thing is the best course of action, however if you are still in high school i understand how that can be hard...no need to completely be cold/rude to him and not even look at the guy...but just avoid conversations with him and avoid him as much as you can and go on living your life like he never happened.


its tuff...I know...but you'll be the better person for it. and you will find someone who will care enough for you to actually listen to you instead of believing a lie he heard about you.

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Welcome to Enotalone. 17 Isn't too young. I'm 18 and relationships always seem to mean different things to different people. Have you explained to your boyfriend that you can't admit to situations to which you didn't have anything to do with? If the relationship is completely over, then I agree, do the 'no contact' method. It is hard, very hard but the end result is worth it. People can't always stick to the no contact rule because temptation sometimes gets the better of them. It has done me before. Anytime you feel like you might break the rule, post on here. It helps to vent sometimes.


Good luck!


MG x

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Hey TeenGirl and welcome to ena - although I am sorry for the reason that brought you here. The good news though is that you will receive a lot of good advice on here.


Your ex sounds to me like a very immature jerk, and whilst I am sorry he has hurt you in this pathetic manner, I think you need to open your eyes to what a tw@t he is - and you are so much better off without him.


The advice you have been given is just spot on - ignore this guy and work on getting your head back on straight - this is about you now.


It will be hard to start with, but stick with it. You sound quite a mature and sensible girl for your young years and this will set you in good stead.


Take care honey and come back on here for support or if you feel the urge to contact him.



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