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Broke up w/ gf of 2 years and now trying to date again ...


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I had been going out with this girl for about 1.5 years and then we decided to take a break, or I decided to take a break because I wanted more time for myself. I didn't like the feeling of being attached, I ended the relationship during the summer of 2006.


Then school started up again during my senior year of high school and I asked her if she wanted to give it another try because I missed her and I didn't want to be with anyone else at the time. We started going back out during September until early August of 2007. I helped her move into her dorm room and then we both said bye to each other and headed to college. We don't attend the same college, we're about 1-2 hours away from each other.


To be honest, I had lost some of the romance and love I had for her, it wasn't like it used to be before we broke up. I couldn't bring myself to say I love you like I had before and I never said it again b/c I feel it's a strong word to say and it shouldn't be thrown around like it's nothing. I say it only if I mean it. It didn't seem like the typical relationship because we never fought that much and I have to admit I was somewhat bored because she was saying herself for marriage and I am not the most religious person but I didn't press her about it, I respected her and never forced her into anything.


I ended up meeting a girl at the football game last Friday and I talked to her for a while. Well, a my ex had a few friends there and 5 of them called her and said I was seeing another girl. She ended up breaking up w/ me and it's all over. I feel like an and I'm trying to get over things.


But the girl I was talking to said she wanted to go out with me this weekend so I guess it couldn't hurt to take her out and get to know her so more. Do you guys have any comments on how I should move on or take things further with this new girl?

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Well if it is truley over with you and the ex and that you wont have any arguments then do go out to places with this new girl but dont rush anything. Take her to the cinema, have a nice walk or something. Let time take its course and you two will get to know eachother more and it could turn serious

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forget the ex. she sounds too pretentious. go for the new girl. see how she interacts with you and if you guys are compatible. keep that other girl outta ur head. don't talk to this new girl about your ex either. unless she asks. just say she wasn't the right girl for you.

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Well...I called the new girl up at midnight on Wednesday because it was her 16th birthday on the 22nd and I thought I'd surprise her. She was really happy to hear from me and she kept on laughing and the conversation went really smooth in my eyes. I talked to her about what she would like for her birthday and she just started joking here and there about what she wanted and then randomly threw out the word "boyfriend." I started laughing and was like ok, haha. She was currently at the beach with a close girlfriend of hers and she isn't coming home until later on the 22nd at night.


I turned 18 on August 15th and she's just now turning 16 on August 22nd so it's somewhat an age difference of about 2 years. I asked her best friend about what are my chances and she said they are good but she is concerned about me being in college and about what her parents would think of the situation. I can understand where she is coming from and same thing with her parents. I am planning on coming home this Friday and we have already planned to go the football game again. She also said that she wanted me to come over with her to her friend's house. It just so happens that my best guy friend is her best friend's boyfriend, if that makes any sense, we all know each other very well. So, I'll be hanging out with her more this weekend and depending on how things go she mentioned going to the movies with me on Saturaday.


I plan on surprising her with a few late birthday gifts this weekend.


How do you see things going for me and her? Should I try and talk to her about what she feels or thinks about me being in college and her parents or should I leave it alone until she brings it up? Any suggestions would be helpful ... thanks a lot everyone!



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I brought up the subject about the 2 year difference in age, her 16 me 18. She said it didn't bother her, but she doesn't know how her parents feel about it. Then when it comes to the fact that I'm in college and she's still in high school. She says that she's not worried about me talking to other girls, which isn't a problem with me either.


She's just trying to figure out what it would be like to have to see me only on the Friday-Sunday and not during the week Monday-Thursday. I completely understand her and I told her that I guess it is just best to take it slow and enjoy things as they happen and then go from there, she agreed. I don't know how to look at things, like you said...a lot of "ifs" and I guess only time will tell, haha. But I will still try my best to do all I can to win her over.

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