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Ever have one of those days?


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Argh ! I am so frustrated right now !!!!!!!!


From the minute I woke up this morning I feel like everyone is giving me a hard time today ! I just want to freakin scream !

I get to work- there's literally a pile on my desk, everyone keeps throwing me this or that- I can't get a straight answer out of anyone today !

Why is everyone on my case today ! * * *?

Even my work friends are giving me a hard time about the simplest questions!

To top it off- none of my hardware is working !

I try to walk away & call some folks for support- no one is answering their phone or calling back !

Now I have to eat lunch alone- if I can even take my lunch break today !

I just feel like I should have stayed in bed !!!!!!!!!!!


Please, someone, anyone- I could use a little support.

I could really use some kind words before I blow up in someone's face !

Help !

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I had a similar day today, i got to work and was real tired, i had my boss pulling and pushing me and ended up having lunch not alone but with someone i didn't want to have lunch with today.


Im feeling better now, i took 30 minutes away from work and went for some fresh air outside which helped a bit. Other than that im pretty much ignoring everyone at the moment, just not in the mood for anyone but me haha.

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You're not alone, I have days like this, as does everybody. Nothing seems to go right, nobody's there for you... day from hell would be my definition.


Just breathe. If need be, treat yourself to a favourite dessert... buy a new outfit... and ect... to cool your jets, take your mind to some other place.


Relax... give yourself a hug... it'll pass.

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