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Blood Glucose level of just 2.5?

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Went for a blood test yesterday and I got a call this morning saying that one of the results was that my Blood Glucose level is 2.5 and minimum it should be is between 4 -8.


When I asked what could this indicate she said possible diabeties??? But just wondering I hadn't eaten very much in the morning (I never do really) and had my test around 2pm I don't think I had eaten very much at all before it, would this make a difference.


Am rightly a bit worried now.



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no just some days I am a bit rubbish with eating, trying to lose weight so totally doing it the wrong way by starving myself. Didn't know it would effect my results.


Um, yes, that will affect your results. And you are right, is a crappy way to try and lose weight since it throws your metabolism off and will have it slowing down and not burning as much energy.


Keep caloric intake reasonable (1500-2000 calories depending on weight/activity level), choose healthy foods as much as possible, exercise regularly (60-90 minutes a day - broken up into segments is fine) to boost metabolism and stay healthy, keep hydrated.


I would recommend seeing a nutritionist or a personal trainer with an education in nutrition. Starvation is not the way to be healthy and slim down or tone up.

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