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living together-- update


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I have mentioned this on here before... a few weeks ago. Well, my BF moved in... its been over a month. And.....so far,


THINGS ARE GREAT! we get along great... we obviously see each other all the time and are not sick of each other... are communication skills already were good; are now great... the best are the rare days that we both get to sleep in.... we then read the paper in bed and snuggle..... yeah, I know a month is nothing in the scheme of things... but at least so far we doing quite well... we know how to give each other space and yet it is still a great feeling to know that there is some one to is waiting for you at home.



so far; so good

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Congratulations!!! I am moving in my boyfriend soon and 2 friends, so I'm hoping I get the same result. I'll probably have other people to direct my anger at since I'm not JUST living with him, but still.


I hate to change the topic here but I seem to think this is not going to be a good idea.

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