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imagining ex with new person


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Because of NC, I have no information on her life at all after we broke up. That is how it should be .... but in my angrier moments, I imagine that whoever she is with will have to deal with the same obsessive attention seeking neediness that I saw in her ... after all a leopard doesn’t change its spots easily.


But much like you, the emotional side of me misses the good times – and in the dead of night, my heart asks, All those promises she made ... all those words of care she said .... it is hard to accept the same promises are now being made to some other guy.




I totally related to everything I've heard you say in this thread...and yes, it is hard to think about all the promises that were made and that the same promises are likely being made to another guy now. And even though its time to move on...as we both mentioned...its hard to not miss the good times. I even wrote a song about this. If you are really bored you can hear it at [link removed The song is called, "Its Time". The real thing that's helped me move on from all this is music...writing, playing, and recording my own stuff...really throwing myself into it. But I also separately joined a band with a couple other guys and am fully throwing myself into that as well. Conincidentally enough, after the first audition for this band I found out that it was called "Love Kills Slowly". Talk about fate. My point here is that it really helps to throw yourself into something in order to move on. I know it helped me a ton.

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