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Question about Dating.


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Okay, I just have some questions about girlfriends. Recently I started dating a girl that I really liked, and it was awesome because I found out she liked me too. But here's the thing...I suck at being a boyfriend. You see, This is like my first girlfriend, it's pathetic but oh well, and I think I need to grow up or something. We're about three weeks in and we're still not holding hands. For a little while we would hug when we left each other, but that now ceases to exist also. It's like we're just friends again. Mostly it's my fault (I think) because I haven't been acting like a true B/F. I really want to tell her how I feel but then I get a funny feeling that she just suspects we're no longer dating, so it's almost not worth it, if you know what I mean. When I do talk to her about this, should I confront her on whether or not she still wants to be dating or should I just stick to telling her how I feel. I'm thinking of bringing up the fact that I've been a pretty sucky boyfriend (by this I mean I haven't made any moves, like holding her hand or putting my arm around her, or breaking the ice in anything. Yeah, it's really pathetic, I know.) and that I want to fix it but do you think that would create a vision of insecurity and confusion. What I mean by that is, do you think I'll look too much like a newbie with no experience in dating. Dang, I guess what I'm asking for are some ideas on how I should approach her. AND, I'm wondering if I just blew it and there is no hope for me making a good comeback. I here it's always the first impression that sticks with women, hmm. Hopefully I've done an okay job at explaining my ordeal. Thanks for who ever responds.

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I think what you need is some tips to make her feel special, but you don't want her to think that you're acting around her. First, you know the girl you like actually likes you back, so that's a good start! Then you have to make her feel comfortable around you, so you can show your real self to her. Nobody likes to be around somebody who can't even stand themselves.


Then you need to learn how to make her feel special. Try greeting her with a peck on the cheek next time you go out with her, that'll surprise her. Maybe hold her hand before you walk accross the street, or touch the small of her back when you lead her indoor... you can start with very little things like that to make her feel special. I think if you can do that, you'll be more imaginative and she'll feel special. Hope that helped.

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Hey You realise what u havent being doing , so rectify that , hold her hand kiss her do everyting you said you havent


just do it , dont tell her that u feel like a fool and stuff becasue that will spoil it cause when u start to doing these things she will think that you are acting or compensating and not really doing it naturally


best thing to do is just show affection in more physical form ..like the little things holding hands kissing on the cheek or even put your arm around her shoulder when u guys are walking stuff like that


good luck

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