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Her 18th Birthday


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Hi there, I wasn't too sure where to put this. anyway

Its my girlfriends birthday in a week and im thinking of a card, i dont want to buy one. I bought her something from Tiffany's which hopefully she should like.

Does anyone have any ideas on what sort of card i should make? or an alternative??

i was thinking of getting a huge piece of card, like 3ft high, and making a giant card? would that be funny

thanks guys!

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i do this all the time and people love them....


print out a photo of the two of you...

get some cardstock in 2 complementing colors (i usually go for dark and light shades, like light green/dk green, etc)... mount the photo on one of the cardstocks... measure a 1" border around photo and cut... mount this on the other piece of cardstock and measure a 2" border and cut...

in the center of this cardstock, punch two holes and tie a cream (or whatever color) ribbon...doesn't have to be in a bow...but make it short... this will dress it up a little.


then on the back, write your message.

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Good luck dude, I'm like...artistically retarded in that way...a big 0 for me on that one, mind you, I make up for it with my guitar and voice, so it evens out I guess....


But please, don't buy a card...nothing more corny/unthoughtful than that.



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maybe u could make a collage for her of photos etc of stuff she loves, her family, friends, you. kinda shows her u listen to her interests etc and you could put a pic of you two on the inside? or go the other way and make a collage of just u guys and fun times, personal jokes etc of those times. maybe make it into a shape of a cake or balloon or watever...my friend used to make a hat for everyone on their 18th with special decorations and items that linked to the personal jokes she had with them...

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