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depression and weed smoking


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before i get into anything let me tell you a little about myself to show you where im coming from. i just graduated highschool and all 4 years of it ive been with close friends who are regular weed smokers. it has just been a combination of the way i was raised and my own personal preference that i did not become a regualr weed smoker. the main reason being is alot of problems run in my family. alot of depression, anger, aclaholic, add, things like that. i know alot of people in my family in which they used drugs to hide there problems and ended up only masking the problem to later come out. im not what you would call the most comfortable person. people who i know closely will tell you im not shy but people i dont know very well will say im very nervous or shy. anyway ive never been diagnosed with depression. ive just had problems where random days i will feel very depressed and look at like and think i wasted it or i should change my life that its not great. ive put off weed smoking and especcaly drinking alcahol because ive felt that if i actualy do suffer from depression these things make it worse. i never got into weed smoking but have done it on average about once a week to in the twice a month range since the past 2 years. somtimes i dont smoke for like 3-4 weeks tho. ive noticed somthing tho. when i smoke weed while feeling depressed afterwords i feel like i should just start smoking weed more and just worrying about having fun and drop all this stuff thats stressing me. this in turn makes me feel more depressed. does the weed actualy make me more depressed? when i smoke i do get releived of stress but then the next few days i feel worse. then there are some days where i feel fine and think about how weird it was for me to be that depressed those days. any help?

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Weed strenghtens the emotions you have at the moment... That's why I refuse to smoke it when I feel bad... I also know a few guys who were both depressive and after a few puffs they went to sit near a lake and cry for three hours in a row...


It's the same with alcohol - I don't drink anymore when I'm feeling sad...

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