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C-section scheduled... Q's...


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Hello - I had a C-Section (of course it was almost 18 years ago - so hopefully it's even better now).


First - it was slightly painful to have the catheter. But girl - you are in labor and you really DON"T care about THAT! It is not painful to take it out.


I didn't find the Epidural painful at all. I couldn't wait for it to kick in.


Good luck!!!

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oh ok. only thing is ... i probably wont be in labor when they do the catheter and everything i wish it could have been a natural birth but no ... my little one has to be a pain and wont turn around. Oh well ... i know i will forget it when i see them. Im just nervous about the catheter and epidural(especially because the epidural didnt work for my mum.) Thanks for replying though.

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I was induced but didn't get a c-section.


I had an epidural and a catheter though. My epidural felt weird...no I can't say it's great or anything, but it's over so quickly, don't worry so much about it. Honestly I remember the pain of getting my IV more than my epidural.


And after that, I could tell they were putting the catheter in but I couldn't feel ANYTHING. They told me when they did it but honestly I didn't feel a thing. It was such a relief to have that instead of having to get up and go to the bathroom with all those freaking wires and tubes in me.


Don't worry, neither of those things were bad AT ALL.


Oh yeah and the epidural didn't work for me at first either. It was like it took all my pain and put it into one concentrated spot on my right hip. But I just let them know and they had a big list of things they can do to get it right.


Good luck and try not to stress too much, it will be FINE!

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Focus on the fact that you'll be holding your new baby in a few minutes and those other things won't be as much of a concern as they seem to be now. Like anything else though, I'm sure different women feel somewhat different levels and lengths of discomfort.

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So you scheduled the c-section!!!


Okay, the epidural doesn't really hurt. It feels funny more than anything. It's definitely a strange sensation, but I wouldn't say it's really painful. Just be calm and stay still!


The catheter is typically placed after the epidural, so you won't feel it.


Keep asking questions as they come up. You want to feel informed and confident when it comes to your body and your baby. Ash is right though, remember what is most important is feeling that precious little baby in your arms. No matter what amount of pain or how you deliver, this is what you've been working towards and will soon have.

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