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women who enjoy the thrill of being chased

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I dont know if this has been asked before, I did a search and didnt find anything,

but any way:


how do you deal with women who like to be chased ?


the reason why I ask is because about a month ago I met a girl that I really like, when ever she stands next to me I feel a very strong energy coming from her, and it feels like this energy is holding me and pulling me closer to her and when ever I look her in the eye I feel very confident and very bold as if I could live up to all her expectations.


The thing is, when I asked her out she smiled as if she was flattered and said yes, then she started coming up with reasons why she couldnt go, I mentioned one time that I felt like going to see a movie, she mentioned a movie that she wanted to see and asked me when I wanted to go, I asked when she was free, she said thats not the question you should be asking when do you want to go see it, I said that obviously I wanted to go see it that day, which was a saturday, she couldnt go cause she was working


Then she said she wanted to make plans in two weeks, the week before we were suppose to make plans I went to her job to see her, she said to call her that following week, I call on thursday and she said she had a music seminar to go to, I said ok no problem, another time then.


All of this interaction makes me feel as though she wants me to chase her, am I right or wrong ?, If Im right then what should I do next, or just give me your general thoughts on a subject like this.

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I wish I had the patience to have a guy chase me. I tend to be the type that tries to hurry things along so I can establish a relationship and feel more secure.


The only time I was chased was when I was dating my ex and I lost my feelings for him. I pulled way back and acted very cold to him. He chased hard. Unfort. by then my feelings were lukewarm at best. When he broke up with me I was devastated.

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She's being overly coy. Tell her simply that if she would like to go out with you she should tell you when she is free and you will pick a date you are also free.


Don't let her pull this stuff - she won't respect you for it.

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I see what your saying, thats why I havent called her in a few days, so Im thinking I will call her this week and ask her what shes doing and if again she cant go out then I dont think I will see her any more.


I think that when you do call her to make plans..i think you should have a date and an activity in mind already ... and call her a few days before... if she can't do it the day you picked...then ask her when she's free...if she doesn't give you a definite day at that point..then i would give up.


I have a really busy schedule...so sometimes when i am asked out ..i cant go the day they want to but if im interested i will suggest another day and time.

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If you really like her, then chase the hell out of her.


When I first met my girlfriend I was so infatuated with her... This friend of mine's wife was really good friends with her and told me she has never really had anyone woo her and that she needs someone to do that. So I did. I chased her relentlessly.


The rest is history... that was two years ago and now we live together.

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well I do really like this girl, but I think chasing has to be subtle, lol not relentless, I dont want to appear needy or desperate, but at the same time Im not thinking about moving in with her, its just casual or at least I want it to be casual but her playing hard to get makes things into to big of a deal.

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i think you should leave her be for a while.. i know that when i like a guy as MUCH as i may like him if he comes on too strong then i get a bit put off.. so my advice is dont message or call her for a while... see if you hear from her and let her do the planning if you do... if she is still acting that way... im sure there are heaps of other girls for u! good luck!

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