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Shiny/oily skin? Any cures/advice?


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Ok, well recently imy skins been much shinier than usual!!


And the part that sucks is because i detest my nose.... by sods law my nose seems to be very shiny now and it draws attention to it!!!


I bought this clean and clear stuff for "oily skin" but i swear it just makes my nose glisten more!!


Is there any non-make up-y (im a guy!) way to stop this shine???


Its getting very annoying in my bathroom lights

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Well first off your 15 years old. SO your hormones are playing a big part in all this.


However, there are certain things you can get to deflect the shine. There are certain facial lotions that work as a mattifier. I know certain cosmetic lines have them. Also there are little tissue papers that you can use to blot your skin. They would even fit in your wallet. So when you are out and about you can blot your skin.

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ah - you know, don't overdo it. if you are using too many skin products, your skin might "overcompensate" and produce even MORE oil. My skin does this. In the winter, when it is very dry outside, I get more pimples because my skin is producing more oil to compensate.


you should talk to a dermatologist. clearasil has never done anything for me.

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i will boldly go where no man has ever gone before..... the cosmetics section in boots and seek out these miracle papers!


It is so great to see a 15 year old who can have some humor about his own hassles and headaches! Good for you! Many people twice your age can't get a laugh out of these things.


As for the skin, I too recommend the blotting papers - that's your best bet.

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I had an oily look as well and tried nearly everything on the market.


My problem was solved by extra virgin olive oil. Wash with a palmful of EVOO and water at night (use washcloth to blot off-don't rub), splash face with water only in AM.


I don't need the blotting papers anymore

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