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Missed you girl..


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The moment I saw your name on the screen

there was something unique about it

I went and got myself acquainted with u

Of course u didn't know who I was.

I myself was new- just looking to make friends.

U kindly helped me out and kept me in company.

My first impression I was so childish,

U probably thought I was a lunatic.

Yes, I can be sometimes

but that was just a little of the wild side in me.


As the days and months had passed

U wondered where I went

I was too busy--

Well the responsible part of me

was taking care of real business

which first u didn't believe.

Well, now u had known me better

the opposite personality.


Surprisingly, u came to me again

U told me u had "Missed Me"

for some reason I was confused

Why was my heart beating

faster than normally.


Now it's your turn to leave

I didn't see ur name

I sent u messages

but u were not there to return them

I sent u a message that I miss u very much too.


Do what u have to do

But don't forget

U have me here waiting for u.

Now I know the feeling

of missing someone dear to u.

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