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Wow, that was one of the more bizarre Drunk Dials

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My ex GF of 10 years ago (we broke up a year and a half ago) just called me on my cell phone (I am at my work) from Vegas.


She said "So what are you doing? I said "Ummmm, working." "Working?" she asks. "Well, yes, working." Then she laughs and says "Oh my God, I just realized it isn't Sunday.,"


Then she says, "I'm sheet faced toast right now, and I'm in a topless bar." I know that she's on a road trip with her new BF. She said "I just met these two ladies... Oh my God, they're gooorrrgeous. Anyway, they're going to be in SF next week, and I wanted to know if they could stay at your place and maybe you could show them around."



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