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Hello everyone,


I was the one that wrote the first "Urgent need help now" Well, I just alked to the girl that I liked. This is what she told me that she doesn't know how she feels about me and that she is not saying no or yes. She said just don't know about me. She said that we talk on the phone and stuff, we really don't know each other. But how in the hell are we going to get to know each other, if she doesn't try. I know that we don't know each other, but that is the reason that we need to hang out and talk to one another and get to know one another. She also said that she doesn't want to ruin what we have now. That we have good relatisonship right now and that she is really afraid that she will ruin that. I told her that is truth, but if you don't take the risk, you would never know. I told her that the greater risk you take , the greater reward you get back. I know that it is really a lot to risk and is really easy for me to say because I am the one that has the stronger feeling towards the other person. I also told her that I totally understand that she just got out of relationship with her previous boyfriend of three years. But he was such a pyscho and she even said herself and the main reason that they broke up because he got too jeaslous. I really don't understand, I tried to be understanding and that she thinks that I am great guy. But I feel that this the beginning of an rejection. I feel really depress and down because I really like her, but I understand that you can't make anyone like or fall in love with you. I just wish that I had an chance to show her how great I would treat her. Do you know what nice guys always finish last? I am so tired of it, everyone says that I am great guy and that I would be great catch for anyone. People always say that if they don't have boyfriends, they would want to date me. I know that people say things just make you feel better. I don't know what to say to her anymore because I am just so disappointed. I just want to know should I give up now and ease my pain or do I still have chance. Should I just leave her alone and let time progress itself. I don't know anymore, I always tried to do the right thing, but it always seem like it back fires on me. Please give me advice, I feel so downed right now.


Thank you all



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Oh sweetie!! Don't get so bummed out!!


Let me give you a little girly advice. You are such romatic by the way!! I believe when it comes to matter of the heart you should take a chance and risk it all! What better love than to know that you believed in her to take it!


But, a few pointers. You said that she just got out of relationship. Even thought you say her ex was a total loser, she needs to reflect on that and learn from it. It doesn't sound like she rejected you dear, she just needs sometime to figure things out. It has nothing to do with you, it has to do with matters dealing with her and her past relationship. She needs to grow from it.


Don't push her too hard! Be a great friend to her right now, sounds like she really needs one. Imagine how greatful she will be to you when she is ready to date again! You will be all that she needs and wants. It could happen!


Stay a true romantic, but slow down, you sound like you are head over heels over her, but she needs to see how great you are in her own terms. Give it a little TINY bit more time. You won't regret it!


Good luck sweetie!

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Ya. THat is problem I have to. Im one of those people who wont start something with a girl unless I have been friends with her through say work, school etc. PRoblem is... alot of girls dont want to 'ruin' the friendship. Its just life. I kind'a think its because it would be awkward. Because the purpose of dating is to get to know someone better and to become comfortable with them- but after knowing someone for so long as a friend this component has already been accomplished. Existing friends dont seem to comfortably adjust to dating, but if your emptions are strong enough towards eachother it is possible to skip this step.


I wouldn't give up on her, but keep your options open. I wouldn't pressure her, but I would let her know how you feel without actually saying. Which you probably do already.... but keep it up. It is hard to say whether that was a rejection or a maybe. It is most probable she simply hasn't considered you that way... Give her some time before you make anymore moves.

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Hello everyone,


I just wrote her a email I wanted to know how does everyone feel about this. Should Correct something and what action should I take from now on. Should I just play it cool call her once while or what? Please tell me............. HELP


Here is the email, that I send her.




I want to say is that I am very sorry for my behavior for the last couple days and especially last night. I should never put you on the spot and ask you how you feel about me. Of course you are going to say you don't know. I feel really bad because I was telling how I am really understanding guy and here I am trying shove myself down your throat. I'm very sorry Angelica, I hope that you forget all stupid behaviors. I hope that you really understand that in no way I am trying to rush you to do anything because that would be the last thing that I would do. remember what I said that sometime I just act really stupid around girls. You know now that I am not ladie's man, if I was would be really suave and cool about all this. I really hope that you understand this. I just hope that you after all this stupid things that I have done. I hope you just not brush me off and just immediately go the easy route and just consider me as friend. You are totally correct about that we really don't know each other outside from work and that we just talk on the phone. I would love to get know you better and let you get to know you better. I know that right now you really don't need someone right now because you just broke up with Bryon. He was three years of your life and that I know he still meant a lot to you. Who knows you guys might get back together maybe you just need time away from him or you really just need to move on from him. I know all this needs time and that I am willing to give you time. I willing to be your friend now because I really enjoy talking to you. Who knows with time things will change, maybe you realize that you are ready to date again whether if is me or someone else. I stand by what you believe and want. You are nothing what preceived to be and remember what I told you. "Don't ever judge a book by its cover" You are nothing what people think and that you are determined girl that knows that she will not put off bull-S*** in her life. What you said about you don't want to ruin what we have right now. I totally understand that. I think it can be better with getting to know to each other better. It takes time to get know people. But it requires both individual wanting to getting to know each other. If you don't mind me asking how did you and Byron get together. Where you guys friends at first. From now I am not putting any pressure on you and that let just have mentality of trying to get to know each other that is all, whether is talking on the phone or going out to hang out or to eat. We will let time tell who knows, who never know that who holds for us in the future. All I ask is that you give me fair opporunity for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you. I am not trying to bragg anything. I believe that I do have a lot of good qualities to offer to someone. Don't laugh, my mom said that I am good catch just no one is fishing in my pond yet. (HAHA) I hope that you won't feel awakrd around me. I'm sorry for my behavior and that I hope you understand what I am trying to say to you. Have good day at work and I will talk to you later!!!!

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