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I'm in love with my best friend

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My best friend and I became friends under strange (but probably not so unusual circumstances). We met at our former workplace and at the time he was married and I was in a 4 year relationship. Both of our relationships ended (non-related to us) and soon after we starting spending almost ALL of our time together. We were friends, but we were involved sexually. At the time it was just "fun" for both of us. We'd talk about other people we were interested in. At a point we started saying "I love you" in a friendship way... But for me it became more. He now knows this and we have discussed it on many (too many!) occasions. To make this short... I know he loves me and he says that maybe one day we WILL be together, but he is NOT ready for a relationship, he wants an opportunity to go out with other women, he's afraid of what people would think if we were "together" b/c we've known each other since before his divorce, etc... Our friendship is so close that we have even moved away from where we used to live to another state 12 hours away together. We are truly best friends, but every time he goes out w/ another woman (like tonight) it just kills me inside. I know that our friendship is VERY special and I don't want to lose it, but I honestly don't know if I could deal w/ it if any of his "dates" turned into something more... Please offer me any advice you may have, either through reply here or a personal message... I look forward to hearing from you...

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Well, I have not been on many dates or been married. But what i can tell you is that if he really loved you he would stay with you. It ia okay for a man or woman to go out with another person as long as it is only for fun noy for love. I personally think that you should go up to him in a calm manner and tell him what you think (pretty much what you wrote in this message) and see what his reacrion is. Well i hope i helped and didnt make anything worse. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't mean to sound negative, but his using you girl! Move on, get him out of your system. You two probably were good friends at some point, but what he is doing now is plain using you for sex. Unless thats what you want/need too, then keep him. Hope you take this as an eye opener and not as a negative stab.


Good luck sweetie!

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