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wheres the line between being cocky/aggresive? ladies?


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ok....one for the ladies.


where is the line between a guy being aggresive and confident and just being outright cocky?

i ask this because im a guy, 26, new to the dating seen. ive never been in this situation and it scares me to death. how do you approach a women? in all my relationships longterm or not ive been approached. i suppose becuase i was just being myself. but now im older it seems being myself just isnt working. i also suppose im not in alot of the same situations(parties..school..ect.) as much. i do go out to bars and whatnot now and then but there seems to be this thing with girls at bars. i get the impression that they assume your just trying to get in there pants.......isnt that somewhat true to the bar seen? where do i start? im the honest guy with feelings that every girl says there looking for but yet i dont know how to put myself out there. im at the point after my last relationship to start dating, have some fun, and try this whole being single thing again.

its been so long!!!!! and im out of the loop!!!!!help!!!

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u kno that ur a nice guy....thats not c*cky, its just knowing how great u are and how well u can treat someone. u wont come acros c*cky to grls because of that, they will kno u are confident and happy with yourself. Dont be too aggressive that can be a big turn off. Just be urself, which i kno ( believe me i do and i hate that saying ) but its true. so try it. good luck

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