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Do Men Ever Regret Divorcing Their Wives?

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My divorce was final on 10/3/03. My husband filed for this divorce, as he believes that I'm better off without him due to his depression/anxiety disorder. He really thinks he's "Mentally screwed-up."


What I would like to know is, will he EVER regret this HUGE mistake? I didn't want the divorce, and he's had a lot of "Outside," influences helping him end our marriage. I love him still, sick or not!

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Everyone has regrets about things. I'm sure after he seeks help and gets straightened out, he'll reflect on your marriage and possibly come to the conclusion that maybe ending the relationship was not the best idea. In the long run I think it might have been good for you two to separate during this trying period of his life. That doesn't excuse the fact that he hurt your feelings, but sometimes it's better to have your feelings hurt rather than crushed. He may just need the time to get himself together and then he might be ready to talk about the relationship. Support him, and just have faith.

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I'm sorry your marriage ended.


I'm sure you were a wonderful wife, and one day, he probably will regret it. But you can't make someone appreciate you. If he had all this outside help, what were their reasons for it?


Just remember that, if he truly was a good man, he would have sought help with you. I mean you were his partner in life. Sounds to me like he did you a favor. You deserve someone that will stick it out through thick or thin.


Hang in there, a new and great life is waiting for you as soon as this storm passes.

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"Outside Help."


I moved out to get his attention. We've been together for 8 years, married 7. He had a lot of issues with porn and online chatting with women as I'm sure you can read in my other posts.


When I left, instead of bringing me back home and fighting for the marriage, he called his ex-girlfriend. She was able to get her claws into him, as he was vulnerable at the time. This ex is the one who has been doing all the divorce paperwork, not just because my husband was too cheap to hire a legal typist, but because she wanted him back. He has a stable government job, and she feels insecure in her own marriage; however, she's was always married to "Someone," when seeing my husband before we got together.


The other outside help consists of my in-laws. These people believe that my husband's depression/anxiety disorder was caused by me and my now, 13 year old son; however, this wasn't stated until they found out that I left him. Funny though, after he was diagnosed, we were told that this disorder ran in his father's side of the family. They have been instrumental in convincing him that the "Divorce," is the best thing for him. If he says, "I don't love my wife anymore," then it's okay...., you shouldn't be with someone you don't love. What ever happened to people helping others resolve conflicts, or at least getting to the bottom of the reason for the conflict.


The other woman he talks to on the phone all the time, apparently likes him "Just the way he is," according to HIM! She doesn't even really know him! Makes me think that she's just enabling him so that he won't try to work on his marriage. Now it's over..., I just can't believe it's really over. It's like a nightmare, and I can't wake up.

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hey sweeite!! its not a nightmare!! It was an awakening!!! Turn this around fast and think positive!! He wasn't your soulmate, but believe that you needed to go through all this drama to make you a stronger and better person in the end.


I know there is a gray cloud over your head right now, and only you can make it sunny again.

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