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hey, big shout out to everyone yay.


anyways i was just wondering whats a big turn off to a potential person that you could be attracted to or just in general.

could you state the sex and then what turns you off and why.


1: like for me t would either sex.

2: someone who agrees with everything that someone else says despite the fact you know they have other views

3: because i feel that everyone has a right to their own opinion and there is no need to hide behind others.


so whats you?




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I'd say girls that sleep around with every guy they know or don't know, girls that lie, cheat, steal, girls who play mind games with guys, play with their hearts, and treat them like dirt, girls who stand guys up. Girls who brag about getting drunk and then driving. Girls who do drugs. I think you know the reasons why, they are pretty obvious unless you are one of these types of girls.

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Guys who come up to you at a bar and/or club who are drunk. You can smell the alcohol on their breath and hear the slurring of their voice. It's hard to believe anything they say or do because you have to question do they really mean the things they say or was that just the alcohol talking?


Simply put, it's just beyond unattractive.... for me at least.


(Good question !!)

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Oh, this is an easy one, in EITHER sex, for me.




3)lying, cheating, stealing


5)lack of communication on feelings



8)bad hygiene


10)unrealistic expectations

11)lack of compassion and ability to compromise


I could go on, but people would most likely get disgusted with me...lol I want people in my life who are basically decent, go out of their way sometimes, even if for strangers, have the ability to laugh at themselves, can admit when they're wrong, have a sense of humor in general, are somewhat sensitive to the feelings of others, can see some sort of positive in a negative situation, etc. It's not very hard to figure out what undesirable traits we don't want to see in people!



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For me (in either sex) the things I can't tolerate are:


1. People who lack enough confidence to stand behind their own opinions, so they focus on being "normal". In particular I knew this guy who did not have any religious beliefs, but claimed to be christian. He claimed that if he told people he was a athiest, then people would just think he was "trying to be unique".


2. People who hate to read. Not because of a disability which perhaps makes it difficult for them, but just because shopping and watching movies is more fun. Reading is cheap and one of the best ways to learn some culture and grow as a person.


3. Ignorant people who argue their beliefs with passion and refuse to even consider the validity of other points of view. This specifically ticks me off in extremely religious people. Those who know literally nothing about any other faith but will argue that their faith is the right way just because that's what they know to be true. This does not bother me nearly so much as long as they are aware of the beliefs of at least a few religions outside of their own.


4. People who are obsessed with image. They need to have the newest clothes, and in extreme cases would not be friends with certain people who do not fit with their image. This is just ridiculous, it is natural for people to want to be appealing to others but it should not be purely through looks. Give me a good conversation over the coolest new look any day.


There are more but I will stop here.



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