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It's Off.....Again!!! Any thoughts???

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I posted about a 6 weeks ago telling of my breakup with my girlfriend of a year and a half. After a few weeks of not seeing or hearing from her she called me and wanted to come over. She did and we spoke and she wanted to try one more time. I was SO HAPPY!! I did everything right and treated her the way she deserved to be treated for so long. We talked of houses together and engagement rings and we were both so happy. After about 2 weeks of seeing each other I questioned what she had done while we were apart. She told me she was with somebody else and it tore me apart. We had a fight about it ( I know it really isn't my business since we were apart but it still hurts ) and she left and told me a day later it was over. I can't believe she threw me to the curb because of one argument. She has resumed seeing the guy she was seeing while we were apart but I managed to get her alone and we spoke for about 2 hours. To shorten what we spoke about, she told me she doesn't love me anymore, doesn't like me anymore, doesn't respect me anymore and doesn't care what I do!! She wants no contact whatsoever from me and wants to move on with her life. I don't understand how all this happened so fast. We went from homes and weddings to hatred in a matter of days. Is this possible? Friends have told me she feels this way (or thinks she does) because there is another person involved. Any thoughts? For so long I was this girls life and now I apparently mean absolutely nothing to her. I have no choice but to let go but I am having a very hard time with it all and I can't stop dwelling on what happened. All advice is appreciated....Thanks.

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Im sorry to say but I kinda agree with your mates, she prob realized that she still likes this other guys she was seeing, did you find out why her and that guy split up?


It was prob cos she still had you in mind but after coming back to you. It made her see she wants the other guy.


I know this is all harsh but.. im just guessing.


The best thing will be to move and see what else you can find out there in the world. Its easy said then done I know but what else can you really do ha.


If ts meant to be it will but in the mean time, sort your self out, get a hair cut, get some new cloths and start all over again. Fresh its gonna be a hard ride but, you never know it's a lesson you have had to learn.

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I don't think she knows WHAT she wants. I also think she probably told you those things just to see your reaction and took advantage of your jealousy. I'm not saying that I think she is lying about being with someone else, but there are tactful ways of saying things like that and it sounds like she told you in a manner that upset you, and was just waiting for you to blow up so she could use that as an excuse to tell you it's over, and take the guilt off herself. She evidently thought getting back together with you was the right thing to do at the time, or she may have thought that things with this other guy were over and that was the only reason why she did.... either way she didn't think it through properly before acting and you paid the price. I am sorry she is doing this... you must be tremendously hurt and annoyed. I am sure you won't trust her again, huh? I hope not. To answer your question about how your relationship could go from weddings to hatred, I think you two were both excited about getting back together and thought everything would be perfect from then on, hence the wedding and the happily ever after thoughts, and then when the jealousy came about because of her fling, she bolted because of guilt, without even attempting to resolve the conflict or reassure you of her love. Don't feel guilty about the jealousy, it is understandable... it sounds like you really loved this girl and wanted to be together forever, and when one feels like that about someone, they don't want to think about someone else in the picture, messing things up. Unfortunately you will probably never be able to get that messed up picture out of your head and I'd say it's best to let that ship sail on her way..... you'll meet someone who will appreciate what you are, more than she ever did.


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