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Why are people so fake , I mean you meet someone get along gr8 and then suddenly poof there like ignoring you , jumping into the bushes and stuff serious I would cry about it if I dindt find it funny how Fake people are …I mean fake man like no soul and stuff


Ive seen enough of it that its convinced me never to get to close or friendly with someone casue I was a real friendly person and people would just playing games , like with my feelings and stuff and now I am sick of it I mean I am financially very well off and goood education and bringing up ..but when it comes to meeting good people why do I run into the fake ones ..


Why are they so fake ughh..


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Ok relax… there are a lot of people who you will come accross that are fake, but think to your self am I looking in the right directions for friend. Try looking the other way, it may be something different that you not used to be.. Maybe that's what you need something, someone different.

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hey there,

i know that you feel like you run into a lot of fake people, well dont change the way that you interact with people, i found alot of fake people in my life, i was also having a conversatiojn about it two minutes before reading this, it is annoying how they can play around with your emotions, get to know you and change.


but you will find someone who isnt fake, dobt let them go by. honbest you will regret it.

is it only friends that are false or family as well, sometimes i feel that it can be family also.


dont isolate people from you. and yes it is frustrating but like you said laugh it off


there are good people honest.



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Fake people are a waste of time to deal with especially when it comes to conversations with them. It can be very annoying. My boyfriend was fake when he and I started seeing each other. Now, it turned out he was only trying to impress me. He said he slept with numerous girls, had past terrific relationships, and had a wonderful family that any girl could ever dream of. Seriously, I knew that he was being fake. It was so obvious. Some of my friends that I met can be the total opposite of what I know. The only thing to do about it is to except it and move on. You can't stay in one spot and assume he or she is fake. What if they are trying to impress you??? Maybe they want to give you space? Maybe, they are trying to give you something to get mad about. I don't know. But, I know it happens and it happens for a reason...It's very annoying....

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