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she wants to quit but cant cause its "fun"

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were to start. ill try to make this as short as possible and to the point. about 3 weeks ago my now ex girlfriend went back to using meth. and this time she dumped me for another guy. so for me it was not only one bullet to the heart but two. one for her using drugs again and one for straight out leaving me for another guy.


has this happened to anyone else? why did she leave me? did she leave me cause I never allowed her to use drugs? did she leave cause she did find another better guy? btw this guy also uses drugs. they were up for 48 hours talking and that is why she decided to leave me cause she talked to him all that time.


what else... everyday I think about her. and I feel so sad cause she is using again.


thank you.


ps. i almost forgot. about 2 days ago she called me and told me that she wants to quit but cant cause she is hooked. She said, "i want to quit but its just so fun" i asked her about the other guy and she said its going well. i want to help her but i dont want to get burned, it just hurts to much. but i we were together for 3 years...

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SHE'S USING. You didn't want her to, wanted her to be healthy and drug-free....there's not a hell of a lot you can do, quite honestly. If she's decided this is the lifestyle she wants, you're powerless to help her...it's a worn-out cliche, but people can only be helped when they first want to help themselves.


And if she's hooked up with this guy who also uses, chances are good that she only hooked up with him so she could get her drugs cheaper, or for free. This is NOT someone you can save, or who you need in your life. Once someone's on drugs that hard (I was just talking about a friend of mine who got badly into drugs to another person, so I know what you're feeling) you can't do a damn thing to save them. That's up to them, basically when they hit rock-bottom.


You're not going to save her. Yes, it's sad, and I know as well as you how much it hurts to see someone you love go down the tubes from drugs.


But you're not with her anymore. You can't save her, you can't talk sense into her, you can't love her back to wellness....you have to let her go now, and she'll do what she feels she wants to do. And it DOES hurt, HELL yes, but you won't affect her in any way. Only thing you'll do is cause resentment on her part for something she doesn't yet see is wrong. SHE HAS TO COME TO THAT REALIZATION HERSELF.


Care for her, pray for her, be there for her if she finally decides she's had enough and wants to get her life back on track....but don't get sucked up in her sickness.



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thank you for the quick responces. basically I loved her... was there for her... she wanted drugs, got rid of me and did them. now I am taking it one day at a time and trying to deal with this loss. I do pray for her, and I will be her friend if and when she finally decides to quit. but I will never trust her again.


once again thank you for your responces.

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