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i blew it !!! , why am i so stupid ? AAAAAHHH!!!


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hey thx for clicking , im writing this more just to tal to some one about it (in this case dozens) for those of you who remembr i posted a topic about this girl i like alot that lives next door , 4 those of you who dont know or remember i havnt seen her in years and i dont know how i should start to get to meet her again , well for those qho posted thank you but i neve rdid get the courage to anything that was like a week or 2 ago ,today her dad knocked on my door and needed help to move this new door he bought , (he is my mentor ) so i didnt want to disapoint him so i went next door and as we started walking with it samantha (the girl) walked to the backyard i only saw the back of her head , i was so nervous when we get back there she was standing on their porch watching us !! i felt so ill so scared !!! we placed the door down and bill (her dad) was like thx i was like " no problem " and then just walked away !! (she was so gorgous i couldnt believe my eyes that somone could look like that) went back to my house , there could have been at least a milion things i could have done , the opetunity was brought to me like room service its what ive been dreamin of for so long , i feel so worthless and stupid , how could i do that , my god just run me over , i should be punished ,

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Hey man, i know exactly how you feel. That is how I feel every single day when I walk past the girl I really like in the halls at school and I don't even say anything to her. It hurts real bad. Though I feel we still have a chance... Why don't you try writing a note to her through snail-mail or (email if u know hers) to tell her about your feelings. I'm sure she would be flattered. You don't even have to sign your name if you don't want to, just tell her its from a secret admirer, and tell her to e-mail/im you back to find out who its from. Well, good luck my friend, and don't sweat not saying anything that day. You are in a lucky situation having the girl of your dreams next door.

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human nature my friend- its what set us from the animals. Dont stress out over it- I would have done the same. Not much to do now. There'll be other oportunities. Keep at it and dont get frustrated- I have a billion regrets in that field of play. Wish I could help more. But thats the way we work I guess. Keep trying.

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It's ok man, it's not as bad as it seems. You just gotta forget about that day, u still have a million things you can do. Since she's your neighbor, you can visit them whenver u want, and you'll get a billion chances. First of all, you can goto their house and ask for homework help (If she's in the same grade as u are). U can ask for Sugar/salt... lemme think.. Well anyway, think of a way where she can invite u to her room, and then u can talk and get to know her better. Take her number/AIM and talk to her whenever, then you'll see if you truly like her (not just her appearance). I hope this helps

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