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pregnant?! help me.......

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help me! i think im probably panicking for nuffing, but i started on the pill over a month ago, and after i 1st started it sed in the pac i wud be protected from the 1st day i take the pill, i had sex without a condom on the 5th day of taking the pill, so id only taken 5 pills, i had sex a few times this week, and that was about 4 weeks ago, im jus wundering now if theres any possibility i cud be pregnant? i shudnt be but i cant help but think, please put my mind at rest!

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Well they usually recommend using an alternate form of birth control the first month or so just to be safe. The chances are the pill is working just fine though.


If you really want to be sure then take a pregnancy test from the drugstore. You can take it now, it should be accurate since you said its been a month since you first had unprotected sex. Thats the way to find out for sure so you can relax.

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