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Ok.. well theres this girl, shes only like 13 or 14. And She's developed a crush on me. Im 22 so i know this cant be done. I dunno if she acts mature or if i act immature, but when shes around, she always tries to flirt with me likes shes older or something. I think i started to like her this summer. And I know she likes me now because she told me so. But i've told her that its not possible because of the age gap.. i think she might have gotten mad and told people that we've went out/ or that shes had me. Her little friends are asking me if we hooked up or something.

How do I defend against her and her gossip so I get her to stop liking me without saying, "Stop liking me."?

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Well, eventually she will go on and find someone else. You'll have to give it time.


You already know that this is impossible - so thats a good thing. Take sensible precautions - don't be alone with her, no touching, no flirting, etc. Stay in sight of others so that nobody could ever accuse you of anything. Sometimes once rumors get started they are hard to stop.


Eventually she will get over it. But if she just won't get the message you may have to tell her not to come around anymore. Its sad, but in the paranoid world of today you can't be too careful.

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Well I still have a problem with the people thinking I did something with her. Im just scared of her family, uncles in particular, about hurting me badly. They've hurt people pretty bad in the past when things are done to there family. And something like this would be considered the worst. Even if they thought a kiss or touching had been done, they'd probably kill me, I know that. And theres nothing I can do to get out of this because I don't know how or what to think now.. i've been feeling depressed and having some crazy thoughts.. because if they think I did that, i'm finnished. The uncles are my friends... at least they were before. One of them even warned me about something, he didn't say what.. he just said that he was sorry about something. I believe that that was a threat to something he is gonna do to me and was just getting it out of the way because of the friendship. I'm not a child molester or pedofile. I've only been with 2 women in my life, both a few years older then me. This could get ugly.....

any more tips or hints that I can think about instead of what I am thinking now?

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How about asking for their help in discouraging her from her crush with you. Tell them it makes you uncomfortable and would like their advice. Tell them that you'd hate to tell her you don't want her around but that is what you are going to do if it doesn't stop. Maybe by coming forward and directly saying you aren't interested in her - rather than trying to prove your innocence later may help.


Not knowing this family, I guess I don't know how they would react. But hopefully they would see that you recognize the problem and you want it resolved.


Does this help?

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