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Just need to get it out

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Some of this may sound harsh but personally I don't care, because I'm in a pissed off mood right now.


Ok so I WAS suppose to be going to homecoming with my bestfriend but one of our friends didn't have a date and she wanted me to go with her and she (my bestfriend) just wouldn't go to homecoming. So i said no i don't wanna do that. So she said "fine im just not going to homecoming and you'll HAVE to ask her." That pissed me off its like she is using me. So another guy siting at the table with us says I'll go to homecoming with you (speaking to my bestfriend). She says ok, now u can ask my friend. That pissed me off but i agreed. Then bout 2 hours later she calls me and is like there is this girl that really wants to go with you. I say no i really do not want to go with her at ALL. Mine reason for it is #1 She is very unattractive, i mean pale awful dry hair and just not attractive, and #2 last year she treated me as if she was better than me bcause she made higher than me in chemistry. Right now I'm very pissed off and feel very used. There is this other girl i wanted to go with forever but she might have a date and might not. So i'm like her second choice which is perfectly fine with me, but my bestfriend is like that doesn't bother you? and it doesn't bother me but she is getting all pissy at me because i don't want to go with the ugly girl.


I'm really pissed of at her and she did call me an hour ago to come over to do homework and we end up going to someones house were the ganged me up to go with ugly girl and then we go back to here house to do homework and shes like "omg i forgot to go see Ms. Tiffany" (her bestfriends mother, her other bestfriend died about a year ago.) I totally understand her leaving me to go see Ms. Tiffany, but i did not at all respect her ganging up on me. What do ya'll think?

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Dude. For a start, you are being very unfair on the girl they want you to go with. Unless you can at least accept her as an option, I have no comment to make. 'Cause I don't want to advise you if you are going to base people on their attractivness. Infact, judging from what I can about you, ask the most attractive chick. If thats what matters to you.

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excuse the pun, but i can see there's no chemistry between that girl and you.


however, i doubt your best friend is your best friend. what best friend would make you date a girl you don't like? (for whatever reasons. ugly is as good a reason as any) is she getting a cut of the commission????


make your own choices and tell her to respect your choices, even if they are dumb (personally, i'd rather go with a girl who wants me than one whom i am 2nd in the queue)

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