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I still like her...ALOT!!!

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Well if you ever read my first ever post, you would know that I wrote a topic (A 2 year crush...) about this girl I liked. We were close friends at first but we just kindda driffted apart or something. I dont see her very often (The last time I even talked to her on the phone was 4 months ago) but I still have great feelings for her. Whenever I see her, we both get really happy and there have been times I felt where I missed to pick up on very powerful signals from her. I think about her almost everyday but she has a BF now so I'm afraid to to call her up or talk to her a her job. Now that I havent even talked to her for such a long time, I don't know if I sould just call her up or move on, which I dont want to do. Should I call her and try talking to her more often and stuff or should I just move on to someone else?

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Hey there Marcus!


I think you should call her up. Yes she may have a boyfriend right now. But he may not last or he may. But the thing is you are her friend! Regardless of whether or not she has a boyfriend.


Call her up as a friend. Just say hi and see how she is doing and go out as friends.


See how that goes and then decide if you want to not call her anymore.


hope this helps!



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