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Its me again, I know I've posted about this many times, but things keep coming up and I need more advice Since I've posted before, I won't go into as much detail on this, but I'll give u a lil summary. Ok, so I'm pretty much in love with my best guy friend. We do everything together. We're so close that everyone thinks that we're gone out or are going out. He even got into a fight with his gf because she didn't believe that we were such good friends without anything more happening. We have never hooked up or even kissed (as much as i want to...lol). Maybe 6 months ago, we talked about dating, but 'we' agreed not to because of our friendship (he went out with another good friend of his and it turned sour and they still don't really talk at all). I agreed with him, but I have never closed the door on the possibility of us being more than friends.


Current situation:

He has a g/f, but has told me many times that he is going to end it soon for many reasons. We're seniors in high school and, althought we may end up going to the same college next year, I don't wanna look back and wish I would have done something. I just have this feeling that we're both feeling the same things, but we're both afraid of making anything of it. Some of my other friends have told me to just make a move and see what happens; you only live once, so take a chance. I'm just scared to death that he'll freak out. I don't think it would be a good idea to come right out with it since we've talked about it before, but maybe I could just drop some subtle, but still obvious, hints. Any ideas on what I could do? cuz i can't pretend i'm not feeling anything for him anymore.

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Hello. I am 36 and married. My greatest disservice to myself in my romantic life has been to remain friends with guys that I was actually interested in, hoping they would become interested in also, make a move whatever. Trust me. Do not remain 'good friends'. I wasted so much time. I can only say that the guy is actually not interested. Face it.


If a man, is a man, then a man will make a move. Cut your losses short and move on. I pined over 5 guy friends who I 'fell' for, all a waste of time, ALL OF THEM. One of them (we talked incessantly over the phone for 6 months) said when I confronted him 'You are right, I was scared to fall in love with you!' Ugggh!


Life is too short and you will be investing emotionally too much. Your time is precious, your values are precious and so is that time you spend together. As you get older, you have less and less people in your sphere and they become more important.


And what a lucky man to have both a girlfriend and you? Is he that needy? Why is that his girlfriend is not his best friend, what need are you satisfying? Contront him or move on now while you still can write a line on this board.

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