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What else?!

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Hi there!


Some people have toll me that the best way to show a girl that I like her is by eye contact!

I'll say, Is there something else to do that is not too much eye contact?!

It seems a little weird to me!, and embaresting- And, what is the other way that I can know that she likes me without telling me in the face.-You know,- I may sound stupid but, I don't thing she knows that I like her and I don't whant to tell her already; I don't think is the write time and I'm a little shy!!- I traid not to talk to her much so I whont say anithing stupid in front of her!-I really like this girl, and I have been like this for more than a year!!!-


So what can you tell me about this!!!- Don't said to go and tell her in the face about all this because I whont!!! (sorry for my bad spelling! )


Thanks for all your help in advance, and please help me!!- every thing you say can help me!!!-

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no one said that letting her know you like her wont be embarrassing. you cant like someone and expect her to know this by you doing nothing. you have to take a chance if you want to get what you want. eye contact isnt embarrassing at all! its a very flattering way to let her know your interested. a smile also works a treat. im not going to repeat my last message. i said everything in that.


nothing worth fighting for in this life is easy! being shy i understand you. you dont want to go for the convosation first up. but not doing anything will get you nowhere! drop hints. anything! if you ignore her and dont look at her, she will not think twice about you and end up with someone who isnt afraid to make the effort. trust me. eye contact isnt the only way. but its either that or confrontation. make your choice.


you dont have to be afraid. making an effort will reward you in the long run. if she responds to your hints then your in! but you must drop hints! just give it a try! if she isnt interested then move on. dont be embarrassed. but you must do something, or she will never know how you feel.

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Thanks for your help!!!-but- I still think that eye contact in enberesting-

(sorry for my spelling! )- Oh, here is something!!- Most of the time when I talk to her she smiles at me!- But I don't know if she is just greeting me in agood way , or because she likes me!!!

Besides; why would she be enteresting in "ME", I don't even know what to do when I'm alroud her, I just look stupid/fool.


Oh well, I still need to know what are other ways ( body lenguage) I can know that she likes me!!!-


Ones again, sorry for my bad spelling and thangs for your help!!!!!

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