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question for the ladies

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interesting question... i'd like to get some differing opinions on this


what does a non-virgin girl expect from a virgin guy the first time they have sex (assuming she knows beforehand he's a virgin and is still willing to have sex with him)?

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Well I am not a virgin,,,but let me give you some input. I have many female friends who are very comfortable discussing their sex life with me. I have very close relationships with females so I have a pretty good feel for female thoughts . A lot of them complain that guys they have been with (virgin or not) are too quick to cum or dont pay attention to what girls really want. According to my friends, some guys only last 5 minutes! This is a shock to me, because I can last hours before I blow my load LOL. Even the first time I had sex I felt very intimidated because I was with a girl who was very experienced in sex. I never told her I was a virgin with her but she thought that I was a sexpert after our first time in bed! She came multiple times that night and always complimented me at how good I was in bed. I think she liked the foreplay more than anything. I think that is what most girls want- more foreplay. Actually some girls dont get it at all! I think a lot of virgin guys think sex is all about just diving the penis straight into the vagina.....nooooooo. You have to preheat the oven first!! I mean you have to caress every part of her body, kiss and lick her ears, suck on her neck and breasts, rub your hair on her stomach, you get the idea! Some guys just suck on the breasts for while then go straight to the intercourse. Girls like a good proportion of full body foreplay before intercourse. Many girls are self-conscious about their bodies and if you can make them feel like they have the most gorgeous body you have ever seen, it doesnt matter how terrible you are in the intercourse part, you have a lover for life! But back to the topic, if you can pay particular attention to her body and make her feel good before intercourse, she will forget you were a virgin trust me! There is a really good book I bought called "Hot Sex: How to Do It." You may want to pick it up, I learned quite a bit from it. Just a week ago I was drinking with a good friend of mine who had complained that all of her sex partners were horrible because they either were too quick, or didnt seem interested in her. We were very drunk and ended up sleeping together. Well all week I have been getting text messages from her about how that was the best sex she had ever had. She knows her and I could only be friends with benefits, but she looks forward to many more good nights with me! I would recommend masterbating to help control how quick you cum also. If you have never masterbated before and you try to have intercourse, the feeling will be way too intense and quick. You must train "him" first . Now I am not trying to come on like I am king of sex or anything, but I have had enough lovers and one nighters to know what girls like in bed. Maybe thats why I get a lot of 2am calls for pleasure! Also, I would much rather lose my virginity to a girl I love than to a girl I had just met at a bar. The girl who loves you wont judge you the first time. She will only want to show you what feels good if she has good communication skills in bed. Dont be afraid to ask a girl what does and doesnt feel good, that shows them that you want them to get just as much pleasure out of it as you do.

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I agree with SunnyScott actually, because I've had a couple of relationships, and one of them had been with a virgin. I was excited because it was something special in my eyes. He was actually better at it than I expected, and he seemed much more into what my needs were than his own, which like Bryan said, is really what women what.


Really we go in there not knowing, because well, people have a lot of different ideas about sex. So you really don't know till you're with the person.

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the guy i have been with for three years was a virgin when i first met him. honestly i loved it, it was a great experience, i felt special that i was his first. and its true girls like guys who pay alot of attention to giving them what they want, so dont feel offended if she tells you what she wants and likes becasye then you will learn her sweet spots. as for guys who cum within the first five min, my bf can cum in 1min or 1 hr it just depends on the mood. if you gf cannot get off to having sex, internally, then she may like it if you dont take as long and get her off manually. or vice versa.

hope it helps

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hey if they are moaning and all then uve nothing to worrie about just be gentl and then ruff it up a bit ask them what they like tell them to yell if they are enjoying what they are doing

my bf at the mo was a v

but hes allways treat me just right in the bedroom

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