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Ok im 15... im not like a supermodel but i am not freakishly ugly eighther... iv never ahd a boyfriend... only 2 people have asked me out in my entire lifetime and both i really didnt like in that way... is it weird that ive never had a boyfriend because people my age have usually had 1 or 2 boyfriend at the least by now... all of my friends have had boyfriends and still do by now... how do i make a guy like me so i can at least have one date?


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hey there,


ok, number one...never try to make a guy like you...it'll never work, trust me i've tried. Number two you're only 15..you've got tons of time ahead of you for dating. theres no set age for anyone to start dating. But if you really want a guy...my advice is just be yourself....when you start talking to guys just be yourself. hope everything works out for you and hope i was a little bit of help.


Best of luck to you!

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The time will come when you have so many guys asking you out you won't know which one to go out with You're only 15, don't be worrying about what guy is going to ask you out. You should be thinking about what college you are going to go to. You should let it go and when you aren't looking that's when you always find one. Focus on your school grades. That's what really matters in the end. Years from now, no one is going to care about how many guys you dated. You don't get a good career by how many guys you had, its based on your education!! Don't worry you're time will come. You have many years ahead of you

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dude im 17 and i havent even been in contact with boys. going to an all girls school will do that to you. honestly i dont mind though. alot of people older than both you and me havent had a relationship yet. its not wrong to wait.

seriously, you shouldn't go out of your way to get a boy, unless its necessary and for the right reason. 15 is still very young, and heaps of time to find the right guy. it will happen naturally, so dont try and rush things.


but boys shouldnt be the only aim in your life. sure they may be fun (from what i hear) but my lifes a blast and i dont need boys for it to be. friends can also be your ticket to happiness. but if your really interested in getting a boyfriend, then be yourself and it will happen. rushing into things like this without careful consideration to the person you will give your heart to will always end in disappointment and heartbreak. look around this forum. 90% of posts are about heartbreaks. just be careful and cautious. and ofcourse have fun!


~best of luck to you~

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Sweetie, you're FIFTEEN. You have SO much time ahead of you, why are you stressing about this now? I didn't have my first date until I was about 19-and, like you, I wasn't particulary ugly or whatever, I was just Joe Girl.


STOP RUSHING IT. Your time will come. You're barely of dating age, stop worrying about dating and all the complications that come with it. Your time will come, and SOON, I'm willing to bet. Until then, enjoy your friends, your family, all the UNCOMPLICATED things in your life!



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Okay ... well don't worry too much about it ... it will happen sooner or later.... i'm sure ur pretty...don't take it personal .... maybe guys find u intimidating or hard to approach......are u shy?


.... i had a bf at 14 but it lasted like 2 weeks...... i really didn't have one till 16 and it lasted for 2 yrs.... so i don't think it a big deal ..... when it's suppose to happen it will and trust me it WILL.. there will be a point where u'll be saying no left and right....


First u need to have standards... i know lots of my friends had bf but they went out with anyone who came there way..... u don't want that... cause their relationships never worked out...they always had boy trouble...it was a mess...



PS: when ur down read some posts in the break-up section of this site and ask urself do u really want to be in a relationship.... sometimes i wish i was in ur shoes.......


so moral of the post ... be urself ...ut will happen .... if u like a particular guy ... ask him a question.... like do u have pen.. yesterday's notes...anything... have something to say.. never let the convo go dead....


feel better ...good luck

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I give you so much props girlfriend!


Don't feel bad, you are doing the right thing. I don't doubt for a second that you'll find a nice guy who will treat you right.


In all honesty, even though you feel as though you are missing out, you really aren't. Most relationships start and end during college years, so you are saving yourself a lot of hearthache and time (especially for exams and tests etc).


If I were you, I'd be happy and enjoying life, and doing the best that I can in school.


Books before boys. I'm serious, b/c when you fall in love, everything gets all complicated, and juggling work with love, school, and a social life could be difficult.


So don't get caught up with the crowd. Be happy. Save the best for last right?

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