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here is my problem, i have been hanging out with these guys(there are 6 of them in the group)for about 6-7 months now and this one guy and i have gotten along very well, well this weekend we went to the bar and had a few drinks with all the group then went back to our friends house to drink some more but i was really tired so i went to sleep on the couch, i was drifting in and out of sleep and he came over and asked me if he could lay next to me so we just kind of cuddled and played cards so i decided it was late enough for me and i was going home so him and his buddy came over to crash at my house and i use to have a thing going with this friend of ours(he was the one at my house) so my buddy asked me if i wanted a way out and get him to sleep on the couch or if i would rather he sleeps in the bed with me so i told him i did not want to hook up with the other guy so we slept in the same bed(we do that often but nothing has ever happened) so we were lying in bed and he started stroking my hair very gently while we talked and we did that for about 1-2 hours and then he started rubbing my shoulders and my back and i asked him if he wanted to cuddle and he said "i thought you'd never ask" so he came behind me and cuddled, held my hand and stroked my hair and we fell asleep like that. now my question is since he did not make a move(at least i dont think so) does it mean there might be more feelings there or am i kidding myself???

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now my question is since he did not make a move(at least i dont think so) does it mean there might be more feelings there or am i kidding myself???



That's something you will have to ask him, outside of your circle of friends. If he was open to the cuddling experience with you, talk with him and thank him for staying with you. If it is something you are concerned with, perhaps you may attracted to him in some way, then ask. It doesn't hurt to do so.


Or just ask him "hey, I really liked when you stayed over the other night, it was very nice. Are you always that nice?" or something along those lines. If anything, it might open him up and he may reveal he may enjoy your company.


Keep in mind though, that guys can be downright evil. As a guy, I know how we think. Meaning that while some (not all) guys may play the nice role one day, you may find they had other motives. In other words, proceed with caution, just as you might have done with other friends or relationships. You don't want to feel like he's leading you on, nor do you want to know that he feels you're leading him on.


In other words, if you need to know how he feels about you, just ask him. Definitely easier said than done, but once it's out in the open, you'll be sure. Good luck!

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