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i had this girl...well wasnt really my girl(it wasnt official) but i met her and know her for about a month. so i liked her so much.i took her on dates and spent so much money and time on her. and we went to homecoming last night and everything.i called her and talked to her today for a lil bit.and she not interested in me(i can always tell) and her friend told me she doesnt like me(cause now she has a prob. with my height) she just didnt wanna tell me. it hit me so hard i dont even know what to do...i thought she was my girl.that sh!t hurt so bad. how do i deal with this. ...do i still talk to her or what do i so\say

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It sounds like you got involved too fast. Don't invest so much of yourself in the beginning of a relationship. Let things go slow and let her like you for who you are, not for what you bought her. You chose to buy her those things. Why? If you did it to obligate her to you that is being manipulative, not genuinly kind.

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First tip...don't listen to her friends. Until you hear it from her, you can't be sure of how she feels. It's like the saying goes: "believe half of what you see and NONE of what you hear." If things were going so well, why would she have this sudden change of heart?


What are the reasons you feel she's not interested all of a sudden? I'd guess things have been going well-why would she have a sudden change of heart? TALK to her. Tell her that you'd appreciate her honesty as far as how she feels about you so you know where you stand. She certainly can't deny you that! Just let her know that you feel like you're getting mixed signals. Don't even bring up the thing her friend said, since she'll wonder why you two were discussing her in the first place.


But talk to her. It's the only way you'll know.

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hey man, you had a great time for a while. too bad it didn't last. if the girl had any hangups, that's her loss. don't grieve too long, yeah? ocean has lots of cute girls below "see" level waiting for you.


just be friends with her, but save the money and time for a girl who will cherish you for who you are inside.

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i don't know homie, i'ts a bad situation. I have a similar situation where i really really like this girl and she seems to have lost interest in me, probably cuz i asked her out. But anyway, try to maybe hook up wiht someone else, unless there's nobody else u like (that would sucks, i'm going thru that).

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