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Hello, I am looking for some advice on a problem I have. My fiance and I live in a city that I moved to, to go to school about 6 years ago and she has grown up in. I am now looking to move away from that city preferably to be closer to my family but also just for a change. My fiance is having big concerns with this and doesnt know if she can go through with it. My question is if I am so deadset to leave this city and she is so deadset to stay, where is the middle ground if any that wont leave one of us miserable and should we even get married??? Please Help!!!!!

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Hi sjdaemon !


If she wants to stay and you want to go, then you have a situation. One of you will need to give in. Alternatively, you could both move to somewhere half way between both places.


Other than a compromise, somethings got to give here !


Hope this helps you some,

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