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how to approach her since she may be avoidin me

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hey.im kinda confused bou this girl i really like.


ive come outta of a relationship pretty hurt and confused.i turned 2 my friend alot for support. wel...i kinda showed her a paranoid and scared side of me which normally i dnt have.i had jus had a panic attack then i spoke 2 her.i was kinda weird.


anyway,i explained all this 2 her.she seemed 2 understand and i thought things were back 2 normal like they were.however,i txt her 2day and i have had no reply.wat is she thinkin?i dunno if ive scared her off nw.have i?wat can i do nw?i really like her and i dnt wana screw things up.

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One thing about the whole, "she's acting weird around me" or "this whole situation is really weird". Well in my experience, these situations are only as "weird" or "uncomfortable" as you allow them to be. A bit of psychology here, but have you ever noticed how people often take your mood when you're around them? If you don't believe me, next time you go to the mall and you're going to buy something, say to the cashier, "hey how's it going!" as you would a good friend, and check their reaction.


My point is, she's probably feeling uncomfortable because you are uncomfortable around her, thus it's rubbing on her. But the problem is it rubs off in a, "he's really weird and I don't want to know this person" kind of way. Same thing with asking people out. If you act shy, confused, and indirect she'll probably come off thinking you're some psycho...but if you're cool, calm, and confident she may be more willing to give you her digits.


My advice is to find a way to, when you're around her, not act so weird anymore. Just pretend nothing has happened and you are just greeting her as you would any other day. Situations are only as uncomfortable as you make them out to be. But the good thing about this, it's all within your power to change!


Well that's my two cents.





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