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sweep her off her feet

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hey i like this girl that i have known for about a year, homecoming is coming up and i am going with her. we dated last year for a about a month and it ended because we both really didnt want to be involved with someone at the time. we have been friends ever since, i think she still likes me and i know i still like her, and i want to know what i should do to sweep her off her feet, i plan on trying to get together after the homecoming dance

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Okay. I think the most important thing is to define what you want from any potential relationship with her. Do you want something strong and emotional? Or a relationship that is casual and experimental. Both are valid and promote personal growth, but this is important.


In general, I suggest you gain her trust. I guarantee you that any person, especially in relationships, will be profoundly impressed by your ability to express your most intimate thoughts and dreams. Believe me, from experience. If you can do that, she will be amazed- trust of that kind is rare.


Be genuine wth her. Ask her casually as a friend how she feels about seeing someone now, if she was opposed previously. Presents flowers and that crap are stupid (opinion), and the most amazing thing you can do for someone is to trust them and be open with them. I guarantee success. Be gentle with her.


Show her a side of you you maybe werent able to back then.

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