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"I want to kiss you...just kidding"!?!

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Hey everyone...

I like this guy. he's 2 years older than me. On the phone tonight he goes "You know what I want to do tomorrow? Kiss you" I was really tired so I just said ok. Then, he said he was just kidding, but he would if i wanted him to. I felt like a dumba$$. (Why did he do that?!) B4 that he had just been talking about finding somewhere to be alone with me. I know he likes me, so what the hell?!



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I think he is just testing the waters, to see how you would react, I feel he is afraid if he made his true feelings for you that he might push you away. In other words, hes a bit shy/unconfident.


He doest understand how this puts you off, I wouldnt take it badly though, He really likes you and is just afraid that if he comes on to you that you may think hes doing it too strong, he just a little inexperienced, if you like him you may need to make some initial moves.


he sounds like me 20 years ago, hehe. I have learned a bit since then.


Let him know that you want him to be steight forward and honest with you, ask him how he really feels about you, make it easy for him to open up to you.


Good luck.

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