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Moving to the next step?

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As in manual work like hand jobs and fingering, well i really think me and my girl are ready to move onto it, we have a pet name for my penis and she ask's how he is every so often and sometimes tease's online about playing with him.

She's a bit shy but how do we move onto this next big ice breaker?

Do i just ask her outright straight away or wait for the right moment?

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Trust me....I finally figured out why I never did have sex until I turned 17 -I never asked !!!!! And..the first time I asked a girl..it worked and hasnt stopped yet! Girls are a bit reserved to make the first move...so ask her..she could say ''no..we need sometime''..but it wont be long before she asks for it ! Take care and let me know how it went! Cheers !

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She will most likely respond to what you do....I know I am a little shy about making the first move in that way, so I respond to the guy I am with. If you are pretty sure you are ready to take that step, the next time you two are making out, just make a move in that general direction and see how she responds. If she seems uncomfortable with it, shies away, or moves your hand away (which as a girl, I know can be done pretty subtly without it making things uncomfortable) then you know she is not ready for that. If you aren't sure enough that that is what she wants to try that approach, then just ask her if she is ready to go a little farther--you don't have to say "do you want to give me a hand job," you can be more subtle than that and I am sure she will know what you are getting at.....

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